Acne-scarred model Cassandra Bankson wants to help others who suffer from severe skin blemishes how to transform their face using just make-up.

The 19-year-old California native has severe acne that covers her face as well as parts of her neck, chest and back. But with the help of some expertly-applied make-up, Bankson is able to model, according to ABC's Good Morning America.

After hours of research and practice, Bankson perfected her make-up routine and has decided to share it with others who suffer from acne via YouTube tutorials.

Her biggest hit is a ten-minute long how-to entitled Foundation Routine Flawless. This particular video has received over two million hits, accompanied by comments from viewers who are so thankful for the help.

Cassandra --  I'm not sure that you'll even see this but if you do, I just want to let you know? that I just saw you on GMA. I am so proud of you and grateful for what you have been doing in the lives of your subscribers! posted one viewer. I have been a subscriber for maybe a month now and you have truly touched my own life. I thank you so much for being so positive, genuine, and appreciative of all that you have.

Bankson is thrilled by the response. 

It's been overwhelming, she said Tuesday on Good Morning America about the response online to her video. It really is an eye-opener. I never knew that for men, for women, even for adults, it's such an epidemic. Yes, it's cosmetic, but it goes deeper than that. I think that's something that's a little bit of a misconception.

In the tutorials, Bankson appears make-up free, revealing her red spotted and scarred face. Yet when she finishes with her make-up routine -- including foundation, concealer, powder and spray -- her skin looks flawless. 

Because of her technique, she is able to book modeling jobs and she is reaching out to help others with similar problems.

I know exactly where you are, I've been in your shoes and there is hope, she said on GMA. Someone else has been there and there is a way for you to feel just need to kind of search around for what it is that makes you lighten up.

Bankson says the drive behind it all is passion and duty.

I hope this helps you if you guys have acne, or even if you don't have acne and you just want really pretty skin, she says at the end of one of the videos.

Some have accused her of looking fake with all the make-up she wears, but Bankson does not care.

It took me a month to post...I thought I was going to get the same hate as school for my skin, she said. I thought if it helped one person, one girl or even one guy who was in the same condition, it would be worth it.