Crypto trader and podcast host Cobie has donated $100,000 to prominent crypto influencer "Atozy" to support the latter's legal battle with crypto bigwig Ben Armstrong who is popularly known as "Bitboy Crypto."

Cobie, whose real name is Jordan Fish, came out in support of Erling Mengshoel (aka "Atozy") after Armstrong filed a lawsuit against Mengshoel for "defaming" him in a November 2021 video.

Armstrong is said to have promoted a shady project called Pamp network token, which was later rug pulled by the developers. In response to the promotion of rugged projects, the host of the UpOnly podcast, Mengshoel, called Armstrong "a shady dirtbag who milks his audience for a quick buck rather than giving them genuine advice."

Mengshoel also stated that Armstrong is "not someone you should be looking up to for any advice whatsoever" and "cannot be trusted with financial advice because you don't know whether he's trying to enrich you or himself."

In the lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia on Aug. 12, YouTuber Bitboy Crypto stated that he seeks damages for Mengshoel's "defamatory and damaging statements."

Interestingly, "Atozy" released his first public statement since the incident via a Twitter thread Wednesday.

"I'm being sued by the YouTuber Bitboy Crypto for a video I made roughly 9 months ago, covering how he promoted a project named PAMP. Last night the 3rd person Bitboy sent to my house showed up and served me the lawsuit," Atozy said in a Twitter post.

According to a YouTube video released by Atozy, he is being sued by Bitboy for around $75,000 or more.

"I'm crowdfunding to help cover the insane costs of defending myself against this frivolous lawsuit. All funds raised will be used to pay legal fees. If there is anything left over, I will donate them to various charities as I have no interest in profiting from my community," he said.

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