• Some card decks are much easier to use and understand than others
  • Simple decks tend to be weak in high-level play
  • There are some strong decks that can compete even in higher ranks

The “Yu-Gi-Oh!” card game has been around for a while now, but there are still many new players who are picking it up for the first time. With the sharp rise in popularity of the “Master Duel” game on Steam, now’s the best time to take a look at a few highly recommended starter decks that new players will have an easy time learning the game with.

There are countless decks available in “Master Duel” as of writing and even more card varieties are expected to arrive in the future. Here are some beginner-friendly decks that are meant to help new players get used to the game’s mechanics while still giving them a fighting chance.

Power of the Dragon

The iconic Blue-Eyes White Dragon deck is as simple as it gets. The plan is to overwhelm enemies with high-stat monsters before they react with their own cards. Players may get away with the sheer brute force that this deck provides, but it quickly loses its effectiveness against decent players with better decks.

Power of the Dragon is free, however, so players will be able to save up their gems for later use.

Gem Knights

While significantly more technical than the previous deck, the Gem Knights can serve as a great introduction to monster fusion and card effect combos. The strongest of the Gem Knights can only be summoned via Polymerization or Pyroxene Fusion, which requires at least two other monsters to be used as fusion materials.

The Gem Knight deck is versatile, easy-to-use and all of its core cards can be obtained from finishing the Pyroxene Warriors gate in the Solo game mode.


The Dragonmaid archetype is designed to overwhelm enemies with both numbers and power. The deck revolves around getting the dragon forms of each maid into the player’s hand or Graveyard for easier summoning via spell and trap cards.

Players can easily summon the deck’s signature Dragonmaid Sheou monster (3500 ATK, 2000 DEF) in their first turn should they start with the right cards, which can lead to an easy snowball victory. However, this is the most expensive out of these decks as all of their cards must be unlocked via the shop.

[Master Duel] Dragonmaids can be used to end a fight before it begins
Dragonmaids can be used to end a fight before it begins Yugioh Master Duel