Z Nation
"Z Nation" character Warren (Kellita Smith), pictured here from the Season 1 finale, will return on Sept. 11 for the Season 2 premiere of the Syfy hit. Syfy

At long last, the show that everyone secretly hopes will last forever, “Z Nation,” is about to debut its second season. With the outrageous Syfy zombie series leaving its first season on a major cliffhanger, fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of Citizen Z, Operation Bite Mark and good Old Murphy for quite some time.

Ever since the series wrapped up its first season in December of last year, viewers have been flooded by the Syfy network with countless teasers, promotional photos and interviews with the cast to whet fans appetites. To help ensure that no one is left behind when the show returns Friday, Sept. 11, below is a rundown of the top things to look forward to when Season 2 premieres:

1. Where’s Murphy?

“Find Murphy” seems to be the mission on everyone’s mind at the onset of Season 2. Without going into too much detail, Murphy (Keith Allan) is the last hope for humanity to find a cure for the zombie virus. Unfortunately, he’s a real jerk and couldn’t care less whether humanity lives or dies. To prove it, the final moments of Season 1 saw Murphy run away from the people trying to protect him and trigger a nuclear missile massacre in the process. Now,