Z Nation
"Z Nation" Season 2, episode 11 will force the group of survivors to engage in a Clue-homage as they seek refuge with a strange cult in an abandoned hotel. Syfy

The survivors on Syfy’s “Z Nation” are no strangers to killing zombies, but episode 11 of Season 2 will reveal what happens when the group encounters a murderer. Operation Bite Mark seeks refuge with a strange cult in “Corporate Retreat” and quickly finds themselves in the midst of a real-life murder mystery.

In the latest teaser for the upcoming episode, available on the show’s official website, the group finds itself in need of shelter fast. After taking on a horde of zombies that was several miles thick near the Grand Canyon, Operation Bite Mark is trekking through the dust storm that the undead’s jog off a cliff kicked up. They try to force their way into a nearby hotel to get out of the elements, but their crow bar is doing no good on the sealed doors. That’s when it’s revealed that, inside the hotel, is a group of survivors that seems to have adopted a very specific way of making decisions.

They’re led by none other than special guest star Anthony Michael Hall (“The Breakfast Club,” “Weird Science”), who convinces most of his followers that they’re not in a position to risk taking on new people, especially ones as well-armed as Operation Bite Mark. However, one of their ranks breaks from the cult’s system of grabbing a stick to vote on things and opens the door, forcing the rest to keep our heroes at gunpoint. The group is clearly on edge, and for good reason.

According to the episode’s plot synopsis on TV Guide, it seems that there’s a murderer in their ranks, and that person has it out for Operation Bite Mark’s most precious cargo: The Murphy (Keith Allan).

“The heroes get mixed up in corporate politics after they seek refuge in a hotel that has been taken over by a group of white-collar survivors; and when someone tries to shoot Murphy, the search for the suspect turns into a game of Clue, but with zombies.”

It looks like the gang will be side tracked on its way to the CDC outpost in California once again in order to keep themselves, and Murphy, alive. The only question is, will they be safer inside the hotel with Hall’s character and his followers or should they just take their chances with the remaining zombies in the dust storm? Unfortunately, only time will tell.

“Z Nation,” episode 11 airs Friday, Nov. 20, at 10 p.m. EST on Syfy.