Apple commercials have long been dominated by the casual college student played by Justin Long and out-of-touch office worker played by John Hodgeman, but the company's latest commercials for the iPhone have broken away from one of its most famous marketing shticks: The new iPhone commercials feature indie darling Zoey Deschanel and actor Samuel L. Jackson interacting with Siri.

The commercials -- only two at this point -- feature Zoey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson going through a normal day in their lives and using Siri to plan reminders, search for stores nearby and generally organize their lives. The celebrities use Siri's voice command function to clear there schedules of work and make room for a day of fun. The commercials, which are produced by TBWAChicatDay, are meant to show how Siri can be used during everyday activities.

Deschanel's commercial begins with young actress smirking and staring out of her home windows gleefully, asking Siri, Is that rain?

Yes, it appears to be raining, responds Siri in its robotic monotone voice. Zoey then asks Siri to help her find a place that can deliver tomato soup because she doesn't want to put on real shoes. She enters her living room, which is cluttered with instruments and books and other gizmos, and asks Siri to remind her to clean up the next day. Today, we're dancing, says Deschanel. Play 'Shake Rattle and Roll.'

Samuel L. Jackson's Apple commercial, in a similar fashion, shows the actor using a day away from work to the fullest. Cancel golf today, says Jackson into his iPhone.

It's off your calendar, responds Siri.

Good, 'cause it's date night, says Jackson.

Jackson then begins making preparations for his date, asking Siri to find him organic mushrooms, asking for the conversion of ounces to cups and he asks Siri for a reminder about his gispacho that's cooking. In the final bit of dialogue, Jackson says, Siri....

Sam..., the iPhone responds.

You can take the night off, he says.

If you say so, says the iPhone.

To view the complete commercials, check out the video below: