Ben Stiller
"Zoolander 2" star Ben Stiller, pictured here at "The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty" and "Zoolander" special New York City screenings on Dec. 17, 2014, recently appeared in the trailer for the upcoming movie. Getty

After years of anticipation, the sequel to "Zoolander" is feeling more like a reality than ever before thanks to the release of the film’s first trailer. The vapid male model is back with his even more dim-witted friend in "Zoolander 2" to take down another international bad guy that’s preying on the elite members of the fashion industry.

Fans were reintroduced to Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) Tuesday, marking the first time fans have seen him since he saved the world with his signature Magnum look in 2001's "Zoolander." Since that time, he’s become a little bit of a fossil in the ever-evolving world of male modeling. Along with his trusty best friend Hansel (Owen Wilson), Zoolander showed up in the latest trailer to tease the 2016 film.

To help make sure fans of the character didn’t miss a thing, below is a rundown of the top five moments in the first “Zoolander 2” full-length trailer.

1. Old And Lame

It looks like the fashion industry isn’t being kind to our intrepid heroes when we pick up their story after 15 years. The trailer opens with the duo modeling tacky clothes at a high-fashion event. It turns out that their appearance is more of an art piece as they’re labeled with “Hello My Name Is…” tags that read “Old” for Zoolander and “Lame” (pronounced la-may) for Hansel. Despite being top dogs in the industry years ago, it seems the business has turned its backs on the former heroes.

2. The Mission

Fortunately, Zoolander and Hansel will get a chance to show the world that they’ve still got what it takes to be both male models and secret super soldiers for the government. A new player by the name of Montana Grosso (Penelope Cruz) reveals to them that there is an international terrorist assassinating key members of their celebrity sleeper agent program. Each one died while sporting the hero’s signature look “Blue Steel.” With their top people down, only the washed up likes of Zoolander and Hansel can save the day.

3. The Biebs

Sadly, the world of top vapid celebrities takes a big blow in this movie as the mysterious new villain starts to take them out one by one. The trailer shows a gang taking on a hooded figure in an alleyway. The figure takes out one of the attackers with some expert combat acrobatics. The hood comes down revealing the move was pulled off by none other than Justin Bieber. The singer gets killed, but not before posting one last message to his fans. His death selfie features his best Blue Steel impression.

4. The Villain

While it’s unclear who the person targeting male models is, odds are good he or she has some connection to the principal bad guy from the first movie, Mugatu (Will Ferrell). The trailer sees the former designer turned terrorist announcing that prison has changed him. The camera pans out to reveal a heavily muscled Mugatu walking briskly toward a helicopter that’s set to bring him to freedom. As he walks his make-shift runway, he stripps the muscles off his body, revealing them to be nothing but a suit. By the time he reaches the chopper, he’s the same high-fashion character he was in the first movie, already back to demanding a latte from his long-suffering assistant.

5. The First One

“Zoolander 2” seems to have a lot more going on the second time around, but the trailer reveals the sequel has no plans to forget its origins. As fans know, Zoolander saved the day in the first movie by stopping a deadly throwing star headed straight for the Malaysian Prime Minister with the sheer beauty of his “Magnum” debut. However, it seems his confidence is waning in the sequel, prompting his partner to throw a bevy of items directly at his face in the hopes of helping him regain the power to stop them.

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