Alexis Wright -- the Zumba instructor who ran a prostitution business from her exercise studio in Kennebunk, Maine -- has been released from prison after serving nearly six months of a 10-month sentence. She got early release thanks to good behavior and her participation in a work program.

According the Associated Press, Wright, 30, wore a gray suit and clutched a stack of folders as she walked out of the York County Jail at 9:45 a.m. Saturday and got into a sport utility vehicle driven by her husband, Jason Trowbridge.

“I have no comment,” she told reporters as she left.

As the AP reports, the scandal that broke last year rocked the sleepy town of Kennebunk, which is best known for its proximity to the seaside summer vacation home of the Bush family in Kennebunkport.

At the center of the scandal are two people -- Zumba instructor Alexis Wright and Mark Strong, the business partner who helped her start her studio. According to the AP, police became suspicious that Wright was running a prostitution business after receiving several complaints of “groaning, loud music” and men regularly coming and going out of the office she rented across from her Zumba dance studio.

Wright would sometimes videotape these sex sessions and send the footage to Strong, who would watch from a computer in his insurance business office, the AP said.

Some of the pornographic videos -- which may have featured clients being filmed without their knowledge -- eventually made their way online. According to Gawker, a person matching Wright’s physical appearance and personal details had a profile on several porn sites.

"I live in a small town in Maine and have my own dance studio, many in my community do not realize that I am an exhibitionist and that I crave sex,” one profile reads. “I have had sex with many of the married men locally and it is satisfying to know that I am providing them with what they are not getting at home. If the women only knew …"

Police raided Wright’s Zumba studio in February 2012, CNN said.

Strong, a 58-year-old married father of two, was found guilty of 13 counts of promotion of prostitution and sentenced to 20 days in jail, the AP said. Wright pleaded guilty to multiple charges including prostitution and conspiracy and was sentenced to 10 months.

According to Reuters, Wright’s sentence was longer than Strong’s because she collected public assistance illegally. She also failed to pay taxes on the money she earned from the prostitution business and illegally collected tax refunds.