Harris Neil Patrick Harris will host the 67th Annual Tony Awards. Photo: Reuters/Patrick T. Fallon

Anyone who has ever sipped overpriced wine from a plastic cup during a Broadway show understands the joy of mixing theater and booze. And let’s face it: Bob Fosse-style sideways shuffles are so much easier to follow after you’ve had a few. But even though you probably weren’t invited to Radio City Music Hall for the 2013 Tony Awards ceremony on Sunday, you still don’t have to stay sober on Broadway’s biggest night.

Unlike the Oscars, the Tonys telecast doesn’t necessarily attract the same level of populist buzz, which may explain why the Internet isn’t exactly awash in Tony-related drinking games. Nevertheless, there are a few good ones out there for rabid theater lovers and casual fans alike. So whether you’re staying awake for the final showdown between “Kinky Boots” and “Matilda” or you just want to see Scarlett Johansson present, you have a reason to tip your glass during the American Theatre Wing’s annual kudofest. As always, drink responsibly.

Broadway.com Tony Bingo

The staffers at Broadway.com have conjured up a colorful and brilliant set of Tony-themed bingo cards, which they say can double as an “awesome” drinking game. The cards prepare for every possible contingency, whether it’s host Neil Patrick Harris in heels, Billy Magnussen going shirtless or someone making a joke about Shia LaBeouf (not that we need the Tonys for that). The game includes four colorful cards, printable from a high-res PDF, with fabulous graphics worthy of the Great White Way. Full game.


For her annual Tony Awards drinking game, Twitter’s favorite Broadway gossip writer is soliciting ideas on (where else?) Twitter. Under the hashtag #TonysDrinkingGame, BroadwayGirlNYC’s followers have been coming up with some pretty brave ideas, including one tweeter who suggested that we drink every time someone says the word “talented.” Here’s hoping said tweeter has a designated driver. As of Friday afternoon, BroadwayGirlNYC’s game was still in development. The link will be posted here when it’s finished. With the power of crowd-sourcing behind her, we figure she can’t go wrong. Full game.

Fansies Say Stuff

Another crowd-sourced offering from a rabid Broadway Twitter fan: Twitter user @FansiesSayStuff, aka Hillary, began soliciting ideas for drinking game rules on Thursday afternoon, and she has landed a few good suggestions, including taking a drink every time someone talks about the “magic of theater.” It should be a high-scorer. Full game.  

Good Housekeeping’s Broadway-Inspired Cocktails

OK, so this one not exactly a drinking game, but if you’re looking to skip all the confusing rules and just slosh back a couple of cocktails on Tony night, stop by the Good Housekeeping website for a creative list of five mixed drinks inspired by the nominated shows. What better way to celebrate Rodgers and Hammerstein’s almost-certain-to-win-something “Cinderella” than by serving a good old-fashioned glass slipper? Full list.

Official IBTimes Tony Awards Drinking Game

No disrespect to the game-makers on this list, but due to the paucity of Tony-themed drinking games on the Web this year, we decided to toss our own hat into the ring. Bottoms up.

Take a sip whenever:
• Neil Patrick Harris winks
• Someone references gay marriage
• Someone cries during an acceptance speech
• A movie star in the audience gets a close up (two sips if it’s Zachary Quinto)

Take a large gulp if:
• Cyndi Lauper wears something unusual
• Someone recalls a fond anecdote about Nora Ephron
• Someone references the impact of Hurricane Sandy on Broadway’s bottom line
• Edward Albee actually shows up

Drink an entire bottle of something if:
• Tom Hanks loses

The 67th Annual Tony Awards takes place on Sunday at 8:00 p.m. ET at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Neil Patrick Harris hosts the ceremony, which will air live on CBS.

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