Young, gorgeous and a popular YouTube beauty guru, Annie Jaffrey leads quite a beautiful life. With her YouTube channel AnniesBeautyLife, Jaffrey shares all of her tips and tricks for hair, make-up and everything in between. Her tutorials are easy to follow and her charming personality makes her a joy to watch.

Jaffrey has a worldly flair that others her age might lack. She was born in Sweden and grew up in Switzerland. She spent time in Miami and is currently living in New York City. Jaffrey embodies the perfect blend of European sophistication and urban chic.

One might think that someone so young and fortuitous might be haughty, yet this bubbly beauty is anything but. Jaffrey is sweet and humble, thankful for the good luck she has had thus far.

Jaffrey, who is finishing up her last year of college in New York, does not have grandiose plans for herself (though her fan base is rapidly burgeoning and we see brilliant success in her future). Ten years from now, all she wants is to be happy and in love with whatever I'll be doing. Only time and a positive attitude will tell!

But, it seems like the sky's the limit for this fashionista. Continuing work on her popular YouTube channel, Jaffrey is rapidly adding to her fan base each day after just starting her channel in Feb. 2011.

IBTimes caught up with the beauty guru to discuss her start on YouTube, her almost instantaneous popularity and - of course - find out her must-have products.

How did you get started on YouTube?

My mom loves YouTube beauty videos, and she always used to encourage me to watch them, but I never thought it was something I'd be interested in. Finally last summer I decided to check it out. I started watching lots of videos and learning about channels and popular beauty gurus, I was hooked, and couldn't' wait to start my own!

Have you always been passionate about beauty and style?

In my early teens, I went through somewhat of an awkward phase. I was overweight and very shy. But as time went by, I began finding my groove and was able to start expressing myself better, and one way was through fashion. Since then, I've always loved dressing up, doing my makeup and feeling glam. Beauty is something you can have without wearing makeup. I think it is a reflection of how you take care of yourself.

How does your YouTube channel compare to other beauty channels?

My videos reflect what I'm truly passionate about, and one of my favorite topics is living a healthy lifestyle and the incredible effect it has on your beauty. I think what makes some of my videos different is that I try to approach beauty from an internal way. Help your body get stronger, feed it properly and help it recover fast through nutritious food. Hair will grow thicker and longer, skin will glow and be clear and most importantly you will feel amazing. I also show how to create my favorite makeup looks and hairstyles.

Have you ever gone to make-up artistry classes or did you teach yourself?

I've never been to any make-up classes, but I have watched hours and hours of videos on YouTube and experimented a lot. I think that can make anyone a pro!

What do you hope to do for a living once you are done with school?

I want to continue to inspire people and share my experiences and knowledge about beauty. As for what I'll be doing exactly, only the universe knows! Do what you love, everything else will fall into place.

What other opportunities have arisen due to your YouTube success?

I was recently featured on the Style Network, which was incredibly exciting! I think the best thing has been being able to interact with thousands of girls around the world! It is a great feeling knowing that you can reach so many people with a positive message.

Tell us your five beauty essentials.

- Moroccan Oil (I use it in my hair, as an eye cream and in my moisturizer)

- MAC Cherry Lip Pencil (I use it as a lipstick and it stays on for hours)

- Airy Fairy Rimmel Lipstick (Best nude lip color!)

- MAC Mineralize Skin Finish (Makes skin look even and beautiful)

- Physician's Formula Blush in Rose (Gorgeous pink with a little sheen)

What items are in your purse right now?

- MAC Blot Powder

- ChapStick

- Mini-sized V.S. perfume

- Hand lotion

- Wallet

- Planner

- iPhone

Which celebrities do you look to for style inspiration?

I love getting inspired by celebs like, Blake Lively, Nicole Richie, Jennifer Lopez, Kourtney Kardashian and Rachel Zoe. I always keep my outfits simple, chic with a little bit of edge.

What is your interaction like with your fans?

I love interacting with my viewers! I have a Facebook and Twitter page where people write to me, ask questions and request videos. I want to host a meet up next year so I can really get to meet everyone!

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