A coroner's vehicle enters a beer distribution center as a policeman keeps watch at a crime scene in Garcia, a suburb of Monterrey, Mexico, in June 19, 2015. Ten people were killed in an attack on the beer distribution center near Monterrey on Friday. Reuters

Ten people are reported dead after an armed attack on Friday at a Mexican beer distribution center in a suburb of the northeastern city of Monterrey, Mexico. The gunmen arrived in two vehicles at around three o’clock, entered the center in broad daylight and began shooting.

Seven died at the scene and three were taken to a hospital where they later died of the gunshot wounds. The seven were stripped, and the gunmen took about 10,000 pesos, or $650 in U.S. currency, according to a report from Agence France-Press.

The motive for the shooting so far is unknown, Nuevo Leon State Attorney General Javier Flores said in a press conference Friday. Investigators are looking into whether or not the shooters were connected to organized crime in any way, according to a report from the Associated Press.

The victims were employees of the distribution center.

The Mexican state of Nuevo Leon made headlines recently for electing Jaime "El Bronco" Rodriguez, a vocal opponent of organized crime in Mexico. Rodriguez grew up in the town of Garcia where the shooting took place, and was the mayor there from 2009 to 2012. During his time as mayor he openly defied the powerful and dangerous cartel, the Zetas. Rodriguez has said that numerous attempts on his life were made during the recent election cycle.

Mexico has been in the throes of rising violence recently. In the past few months, violence has escalated in the country, with cartels fighting each another and the Mexican authorities as well. Before the national elections this month, there were political assassinations, including the assassination of one man who was later elected mayor postmortem. Since 2008, there have been at least 24 political candidates killed in Mexico, and the bodies of nonpoliticians are adding up, too.