• "1000-lb Sisters" fans think Tammy Slaton started turning against sister Amy Slaton after the show's first season
  • The turning point reportedly came when Amy qualified for bariatric surgery in Season 1, but Tammy didn't
  • TLC has not yet announced if "1000-lb Sisters" will be renewed for another season

"1000-lb Sisters" fans think Tammy and Amy Slaton's dynamic turned contentious after the first season of their TLC show.

Viewers noticed that Tammy was quick to fight with Amy in Seasons 2 and 3, which was different from their initially amicable dynamic in the first season, Screen Rant reported. When both sisters were working on losing weight to qualify for bariatric surgery in Season 1, Amy and Tammy were each others' support systems and worked to motivate each other.

However, by the finale episode of Season 1, Amy had made enough progress to qualify for the weight loss operation, but her older sister failed to meet their bariatric surgeon Dr. Charles Procter's fitness requirements and was rejected.

Fans suggested that this appeared to be the moment Tammy started turning against her sister.

"When Tammy and Amy were losing weight together, Tammy was happy. She tells Amy how nice she looks on her wedding day and at that party in the black dress. Once Amy has announced she's having the surgery without Tammy, and Tammy states it hurts her feelings, you can see Tammy deteriorate from there," one fan commented on the "1000-lb Sisters" Reddit page.

A second fan agreed, writing: "It’s sad seeing the sisters going opposite ways. I do believe Tammy feels left behind."

"I started watching the newest episodes first, then Season 2, [and] now I’m watching Season 1. I can truly see how manipulative and selfish Tammy is. She blames Amy for everything she can't do," a third viewer claimed.

Another said they were rooting for both of the sisters, while a different fan wrote on Twitter that Tammy and Amy were her "role models."

It appeared Amy also felt the tension between her and Tammy at the time.

"Now that I'm approved and she's not, I feel like she's kind of upset with me about it. Most of the time I feel like I'm walking on eggshells around Tammy. You never know what's going to set her off and after this appointment with Dr. Procter, she's a ticking time bomb," Amy said in the "1000-lb Sisters" Season 1 finale in 2020, according to People.

Amy, who weighed 406 pounds at the start of the series, underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2020. Following the operation, she weighed 276 pounds after losing 124 pounds.

Meanwhile, in the recently-concluded third season of their reality series, Tammy survived a major health scare and underwent a tracheotomy. She is now staying at an Ohio weight loss rehab facility, where her brother Chris said she's lost 115 pounds after just 30 days.

In a recent TikTok video, Tammy seemingly threw shade at her sister Amy while clapping back at a critic who claimed she doesn't seem to care about her health.

"I wish y’all would give me some credit. Like, I was trying," Tammy said in the since-deleted clip. "Honestly, I’m trying. But y’all just want to keep holding me back. How the f--k do you expect me to win? How the f--k do you expect somebody to do great and be great if y'all keep holding me down?"

She then added, without going into specifics, "Amy is not the blessing you all think she is — at least not all the time."

Amy recently said in an interview with The Sun that she will likely leave the show if producers don't cut down her shooting hours because she feels like a "bad mom" to her 15-month-old son Gage, whom she shares with husband Michael Halterman.

"1000-lb Sisters" Season 3 aired its finale episode last month. TLC has not yet announced if the show will be renewed for another season.

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