• Tammy Slaton said they haven't started filming for "1000-lb Sisters" Season 4 yet
  • The 35-year-old reality star shared that it will be "quite a while" before the new season airs
  • Slaton is still in a rehab facility to work on her weight loss and food addiction struggles

Tammy Slaton has given fans an update on the fourth season of her TLC show, "1000-lb Sisters."

The 35-year-old reality star is currently in a rehab facility in Ohio to address her food addiction and weight loss struggles following a serious health scare that landed her in the hospital in the finale of "1000-lb Sisters" Season 3.

After Season 3 ended, she's continued to share updates via social media about her life and her progress in losing weight to qualify for bariatric surgery, and in one of her recent TikTok uploads, Slaton revealed that fans may have to wait a while before they can see her weight loss progress on her reality series.

"When is Season 4 coming out of '1000-lb Sisters'? I can't wait to watch it! I love seeing your guys’ journey," one fan commented on the TikTok video.

"We haven't started filming for Season 4 yet," the TLC star replied Thursday. "It's going to be quite a while before it airs."

Slaton's fans expressed their support for her in the comments section, with some saying they are looking forward to seeing her transformation and others saying they hope her reality series returns soon.

"Tammy, we are so proud of you, and we're all rooting for you," one fan commented.

"We love the show so I don't get why it takes so long to get episodes out. It's popular and there are fans," another wrote.

"Looking forward to it, but one thing, Tammy - you need to change the name of the show to 300-pound sisters," a third person joked.

The "1000-lb Sisters" Season 3 finale, which aired on Jan. 31, saw Slaton being rushed to the hospital after she had "taken a turn for the worse" and "quit breathing" just one day after arriving at her weight loss rehab facility, according to her brother Chris.

"They're just telling us that her lungs have given up, and like her body is shutting down," their sister Amanda said in the episode. "So at this point, you know, we're facing making funeral arrangements for my little sister."

Slaton was put on a ventilator and in a medically induced coma, and when she woke up days later, she was given a tracheotomy to ensure that doctors could give her emergency breathing support at any time.

She was able to return to rehab after a three-week stay in the hospital. According to Chris, his sister had lost 115 pounds after just 30 days in the facility.

TLC has not yet announced if the series will be renewed for another season. However, fans believe that Slaton will likely return because Season 3 ended with her checking into the rehab facility to work on her health.

"I'm not doing this for anybody but myself," Slaton said after surviving her health scare. "I've decided to put myself first. Take care of Tammy."

But although TLC hasn't made any official announcement about the future of "1000-lb Sisters," Slaton hinted that the network will renew them via a TikTok post in which a fan asked the reality star for a weight loss update.

"I want to give you a weight loss update, but you would have to wait until Season 4 comes out," Slaton said, before adding, "Sorry."

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