America The Blue-tiful
An American the Blue-tiful will give you perfect summer vibes as well as remind you of the patriotic part of the holiday. Sparkling Ice

It's Memorial Day weekend, and as we remember those we've lost in the pursuit of freedom and also get ready for the unofficial start to summer, it's the perfect time to also kick back and relax some perfect cocktails.

Whether you plan to focus on the Patriotic elements of the holiday this Memorial Day, or are just looking for the ideal drink to welcome the upcoming summer months, these recipes are the perfect ones for you.

America The Blue-tiful

To make this cocktail featuring Sparkling Ice flavored water drinks, combine 1.5 oz. White rum, 1 oz. Blue Curacao, 3 oz. Sparling Ice Classic Lemonade and Ice in a blender and blend on high until it becomes slushy. Pour into a chilled glass and garnish with fresh berries.

Angry Hard Cider Slushy

Angry Hard Cider Slushy
Celebrate with a slushy featuring the classic and crisp taste of hard apple cider. Angry Orchard

This slushy drink embodies the spirit of the holiday with a crisp taste and helps to officially kick off summer at the same time. To make, combine 5 oz. Angry Orchard Crisp Apple, 1 oz. White rum, 0.75 oz. Lime juice, 2.5 tbsp. White sugar, 4 strawberries and 2 cups of ice into a blender and blend until smooth. Then serve in a rocks glass and garnish with a strawberry.

Boozy Blackberry Pineapple and Cilantro Ice Pops

Boozy Blackberry Pineapple Cilantro Ice Pops
Give the adults a fun summertime treat that's just for them this Memorial Day weekend. Smirnoff

This recipe featuring Smirnoff vodka comes courtesy of Karly Gomez of A Simple Pantry and makes for the perfect adult treat for a summer BBQ. The recipe is a little complicated, but worth the effort.

To start, bring 3 1/2 cups blackberries, 2 tablespoons sugar and 2 tablespoons of water to a boil in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Reduce the heat to a simmer and continue cooking, stirring occasionally and gently mashing half of the berries using a wooden spoon, until the berries are soft and the liquid has reduced to a syrup. This will take approximately 12-15 minutes. Then, stir in 2 ounces of Smirnoff Red, White, and Berry Vodka and immediately remove from heat. Allow the mixture to cool completely.

Then, in a high-powered blender, purée 4 cups fresh pineapple chunks, ½ cup cilantro leaves, ½ cup heavy whipping cream, 2 ½ ounces Smirnoff Red, White and Berry, 1 tablespoon of fresh lime juice and a pinch of kosher salt on high until smooth, roughly 3 minutes. For an extra smooth purée, then strain through a sieve to remove any small bits of pineapple and cilantro that didn't blend completely.

Spoon 2 tablespoons of the ice pop purée into the bottom of each ice pop mold, then layer with 2 tablespoons of the blackberries. Repeat with one more layer of each, insert a popsicle stick and freeze until solid, for at least 4 hours, or preferably, overnight. Then, one at a time, dip a frozen ice pop mold into a bowl of warm water for 10-15 seconds, gently pull the ice pop to release it from the mold, and serve.

Bourbon Peach Sweet Tea

This cocktail is the perfect way to kick back and start thinking about summertime vacations and travel plans.

Champagne Ginger Beer

Champagne Ginger Beer
Give yourself a refreshing treat that's out of the ordinary this Memorial Day weekend. Brooklyn Crafted

If you're feeling something different for the holiday, this recipe from Brooklyn Crafted is for you. To make, fill a shaker with ice and mix 16 oz. Pomegranate juice, 12 oz. cranberry juice, 3 tablespoons lemon juice, 8 oz. peach vodka and 12 oz. Brooklyn Crafted Traditional Ginger Beer Mini. After stirring, top with one bottle of your favorite champagne, serve and enjoy.

Festive Blue Cocktail

This is another perfect drink for the unofficial kickoff to summer, bringing the festiveness of the season right to your lips.

Pimm and Proper Ice Cream Floats

Who says only kids can enjoy an ice cream float? Let the adults have some fun too with this delicious recipe.

Purity Berry H2O

Purity Berry H2O
Sit back and relax with a Purity Berry H2O this Memorial Day Weekend. Purity Vodka

For this recipe, combine 4 parts Purity Vodka and 3 parts of berry water (1 cup mixed berries, 1 long piece of lemon zest and 4 parts of distilled or bottled high-quality water) in a glass pitcher and let sit, refrigerated for at least 4 hours—or preferably overnight, before serving. Serve the vodka mixed with the Berry Water either shaken, strained, or just combined over ice.

Raspberry Peach Prosecco Punch

This refreshing and fruity cocktail will bring the summer vibes with its delicious nature.

Red White And Blueberry Lemonade

Red White And Blue Lemonade
Patriotic Colors and a refreshing taste make this the ideal Memorial Day weekend drink. Smirnoff ICE

To make this festive cocktail, fill 3 glasses with ice, then divide 3 oz. blueberry purée between them. Add 1 bottle of Smirnoff ICE Red, White and Berry and top with 9 oz. Fresh lemonade. Stir gently to combine and enjoy.

Sunshine Spritzer

Sunshine Spritzer
A sunshine spritzer is a perfect cocktail for the start of summer. Chambord

For this bright drink, take a large wine glass and fill it with ice. Then add 1 oz. Chambord liqueur, 4 1/2 oz. white wine and some club soda.