A second and third suspect were arrested on Monday in connection to the kidnapping, sexual assault, drug abuse and attempted trafficking of an 11-year-old boy in San Antonio, Texas. In this representational photo, a handcuffed inmate meets with an attorney to update his case in the overcrowded Puraquequara prison in Manaus, Brazil, Feb. 18, 2016. Getty Images/ Mario Tama

A second and third suspect were arrested Monday in connection to the kidnapping, sexual assault, drug abuse and attempted trafficking of an 11-year-old boy in San Antonio, Texas.

In addition to Laura Garcia, who was arrested last week after allegedly being linked to the horrific case, Frances Gallegos, 33, and Larry Gallegos, 38, were also held in connection to crimes, an affidavit from the Texas Department of Public Safety said. The victim picked out three suspects from a police lineup.

The unnamed victim was kidnapped from a park in San Antonio where he was playing with his friend on or around Feb. 22. Even though his friend witnessed the young boy’s kidnapping, he did not report it to the police because, according to him, Garcia and Larry posed as the victim’s parents when they approached the 11-year-old, ABC affiliate KSAT reported.

When both the suspects insisted the victim accompany them, telling him it was time to go, the latter refused to follow them. The duo then proceeded to forcefully grab the child and drag him to a nearby apartment.

Once inside the apartment, Larry warned the child to be quiet, brandishing a knife at him. Then, he fondled the child as Garcia held the boy down.

The victim told investigators that at one point, Garcia told him he was “almost there” before injecting him with drugs. The victim added he began feeling “very sleepy” after being injected.

"Johnny (a pseudonym used by investigators to refer to the victim) fell asleep for a long time," the affidavit said, local news outlet My San Antonio reported. "Johnny said he knew it was a long time because the sun was out when he fell asleep and it was really dark when Johnny woke up."

After waking up, the 11-year-old felt sore between his legs and could hardly get up. When he did make attempts to leave the apartment, Frances, Garcia and her boyfriend blocked the exits, preventing his escape.

The child also told the police there might have been other adults present in the room where he was being held captive by the three suspects. The victim also suspected some of them to have filmed the incident, as "they were holding their phones in the air.”

He also alleged Frances slapped him with a "butterfly ring on."

Police documents also mentioned the suspects trying to sell the victim in exchange for more drugs.

"An adult kept talking on the phone with someone who sold drugs and they were trying to sell Johnny to the drug dealer in exchange for drugs," the affidavit said.

In order to not risk hampering the investigation, details on how the child escaped or the exact venue he was kidnapped from has not been released.

Frances was charged with kidnapping and was booked into the Bexar County Jail. Larry faces charges of aggravated kidnapping and trafficking. He was booked into the Bexar County Jail.

Roy Maas Youth Alternatives CEO Bill Wilkinson said it was extremely important that parents take the time to set the right kind of rules for their kids and find the time to listen to them.

"Predators really can come from anywhere," Wilkinson said, Spectrum News reported. “If you are taken by somebody you don't know, one of the things you should be doing is saying 'This is not my parent! This is not my parent! This is not my father!' That kind of a thing because that's really a red flag for anyone in the area to say something's gone sideways her.”

"They describe their environment all the time. They describe the children they hang out with, they describe the places they go, they describe the things that they like to do. It used to be that we would gather around the dinner table and we would talk about our day, and now those things happen less frequently," he added.