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Here are the best photo editing apps you can use to spruce up your feed this Social Media Day. Pixabay (CC0)

This June 30, we'll be celebrating Social Media Day once again. Launched in 2009 by Mashable, this official global celebration is now in its 12th year and with the pandemic pushing more people to go digital, the event has become more relevant. Social media professionals like influencers from all over the world come together to celebrate this special day through live streaming and other fun events. Even if you're not a social media professional, you can still take part in the celebration.

Join in the fun of Social Media Day, by creating awesome content. We’ve listed down the best photo editing apps and best photo editing software that will help you spruce up your feed for the celebration, with discounts courtesy of AppSumo.

1. Ribbet – Photo Editor

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Ribbet – Photo Editor

Do you want a powerful photo editor on your phone for all your creative needs? Ribbet has you covered. Whether you want to start from scratch or choose from the available templates, Ribbet is made by and created for photographers and creatives who want to take their editing to the next level without needing complicated software.

2. The Graphics Creator – Online

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The Graphics Creator – Online

Improve your social media presence with the help of The Graphics Creator. Powerful, fun and easy, this online photo editor enables you to create beautiful graphics for eBooks, mockup images, YouTube thumbnails, Facebook ads and more with a few simple clicks of your mouse.

3. Recreate

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Recreate helps you finetune your images through a full suite of tools to edit videos, graphics, voice-overs and more. Additionally, the app lets you share your creative work and collaborate with others, making it perfect for content and marketing teams that need to create a unified output.

4. DynaPictures

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There will be days when you just don’t have the time to edit images or make graphics and that’s perfectly normal. Don't beat yourself up for it as DynaPictures can help you solve this problem by doing the work for you. Auto-generating personalized banners and images for all your social media channels, this design automation tool is perfect for busy social media professionals. It’s also perfect for developers, as it features app integration that can link to other apps. This means that you can sync it with Google Docs for more automated workflows.

5. Slazzer

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If you’re a beginner in photo editing, then you might find removing the background of an image, a tedious and time-consuming task that can be frustrating. Slazzer lets you automatically remove or replace a photo’s background in just a couple of seconds. It gives you clean and transparent cutouts for all your social media accounts.

6. ShortPixel Photo Optimizer

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ShortPixel Photo Optimizer

If you’re running out of storage on your phone, then the ShortPixel Photo Optimizer is perfect for you. This app lets you save photos with great resolution and sharp quality without compromising storage space. This way, you no longer have to worry about high-resolution and high-quality photos taking up your phone’s memory, making it perfect for smartphone photographers.

7. The Professional 70,000+ Graphic Asset Bundle

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The Professional 70,000+ Graphic Asset Bundle

Significantly improve your social media graphics and look, or do a fresh and complete overhaul when you try out this asset bundle. For a low price, you’ll get lifetime access to Lightroom presets, photo overlays, photoshop actions, textures, LUTs, templates, fonts, backgrounds and so much more. Transform any photo with this asset bundle which is perfect for designers, artists, photographers and even development teams.

8. The HUGE Font Bundle

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The HUGE Font Bundle

Offering every font available on the Salt & Pepper Fonts store, the HUGE Font Bundle is perfect for social media designers and graphic artists who are always in need of new fonts to choose from. What’s more, this extremely discounted bundle gives you lifetime access and includes all commercial licenses needed for legal use.

9. Pixelied

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Are your social media photo uploads looking stale? If so, then run them over Pixelied for scroll-stopping designs. It lets you add graphics, stunning assets and make use of image editing features for all your photos. Pixelied helps your photos stand out, making it perfect for social media marketers, digital agencies and content creators who want to better establish their brand.

10. PixTeller Annual

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PixTeller Annual

PixTeller Annual is the perfect solution for any digital marketer and social media personality who wants to create high-quality graphics, photos and videos for their social media content without the premium price. With PixTeller Annual, you can create dazzling graphics, photos, logos, animations and other video content even without any technical skills, making it very beginner-friendly.

11. WP Paint Pro

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WP Paint Pro

Feeling a bit stuck with the editing options on WordPress? If so, then do yourself a favor by availing of WP Paint Pro today. As the perfect image editing app for WordPress, WP Paint Pro offers a wide range of beginner-friendly image editing tools and features that is sure to make your social media content stand out, whether it’s for personal use or for business.

12. PhotoKit

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This Social Media Day, make sure your content is up to par with PhotoKit, an all-in-one photo editing tool. Teaching you how to edit photos on your iPhone or Android, this simple but powerful app provides the appropriate editing tools to make your photos stand out. Thanks to Appsumo, you can get lifetime access to this app with a big discount.