A massive deadly snake and a huge monitor lizard were caught on camera fighting it out on the road leading to a forest in India.

The incident took place Sunday in the southern state of Kerala, where a forest official recorded the rare battle between the two creatures.

In the video, the 15-foot-long king cobra is seen attacking the huge lizard. At one point, the cobra bites the tail of the lizard, which infuriates the reptile. It then bites the snake and the two coil around each other.

The battle reportedly went on for a few minutes, media outlet Mathrubhumi reported. Forest officials told local media the cobra, which devours other snakes, likely mistook the lizard’s tail for a snake. 

The fight went on for nearly 10 minutes as the lizard repeatedly tried to escape the snake’s bite. However, the king cobra overpowered the monitor lizard. 

Finally, after several attempts, the monitor lizard managed to escape and ran into the forest. The cobra also slithered into the forest when the lizard eased its bite, Navbharat Times reported. [Google Translate showed]

Authorities believe the monitor lizard was not injected with the deadly snake's poison as the bite was not strong enough. 

"This is crazy! A king cobra and a monitor lizard fighting it out in the wild. This was shot by Forest officials from Malayattoor in Kerala. Apparently they fought for nearly 10 minutes before the two got separated and went different ways," the caption of the video, which was shared on Twitter, read. 

One user commented: "Why didn't snake venom kill lizard.?" Others were amazed to see the rare fight.

Last month in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, a six-foot-long cobra spat out a rat snake in front of people as it was being rescued by a reptile catcher. The deadly cobra swallowed the snake and became immobile. The cobra then got stuck in a hole, following which locals came to rescue it. Snake catcher Selvan, who arrived at the scene to rescue the snake, caught it using a snake. Suddenly, the cobra started spitting out its prey, which was a 4-foot-long rat snake, local media reported at the time.

king-cobra-3498625_640 Cobra Photo: Pixabay