On Monday, new reports emerged as to what transpired regarding the death of 17-year-old social media star Bianca Devins in Utica, New York, last Sunday.

According to the New York Post, on the morning of July 14, Brandon Andrew Clark, 21, posted photographs of Devins' body to Instagram and Discord. Before taking the "grisly" photographs, Clark, who was dating Devins, allegedly slit her throat, reports The New York Times.

Eventually, Clark called the police on himself, but officials had already been notified of the crime thanks to her loyal following of 6,000 on Instagram. It is reported that Clark made "incriminating statements" on the call, as well as alluding to the fact that he was going to harm himself.

Following the attack, Clark reportedly changed his Instagram bio to say, "10/06/1997 - 7/14/19. Just know that I feel no pain now."

Upon locating Clark, police found him lying next to his SUV, which is when he slit his own throat with a knife. Following the self harm, he then posted another photo to Instagram that showed he was bleeding. At one point, he took a picture of himself lying across Devins' body, which was covered by a green tarp near his vehicle. A series of photos of the murder were all captioned "I'm sorry Bianca."

The two initially met through an app and had been seeing each other for approximately two months prior to the murder. Police believe that during a drive back from a concert they attended together in Queens on the night of July 13, Clark became agitated after an argument ensued, which is when he is suspected to have pulled over onto a side street and killed the 17-year-old.

Before the crime, Clark had also posted a photo from his car which was accompanied by the caption, "Here comes Hell. It's redemption, right?" The post can be seen below.

At this time, Clark is in critical condition, but is expected to survive, according to police spokesman, Lt. Bryan Coromato. On Monday night, Clark was charged with second-degree murder.

Police Car
In this photo, police cars sit on Main Street in Dallas, Texas, on July 7, 2016. Laura Buckman/AFP/Getty Images