In a shocking incident, two women have been accused of killing and burying their newborns soon after giving birth. The women and their lover, a 36-year-old man who is said to have helped them in the crime, were arrested on July 30, but details of the brutal murder came out Saturday.

All three accused hail from the Indian state of Odisha. Police said one woman gave birth in June, while the other in July, The New Indian Express reported.

The male accused, Tripal Naik, 36, worked at a construction site along with the two women, Gayathri Nag and Gurubari Mahji, in Goa. He entered into a romantic relationship with both, last year. Though the pandemic had disrupted work at the construction site, the trio opted to stay back in Goa.

Though Naik was already married, he hid it from both the women. He proposed to keep them as wives, police said.

In June this year, Gurubari, 30, gave birth to a boy. Since the baby was born out of wedlock, she decided not to go to the hospital. Her baby was born at their home in Goa, but Naik was not ready to raise the child. The trio then strangled the baby to death and buried it behind the house, the report said.

A month later in July, Gayathri, 22, gave birth to a baby boy. She too decided to kill the baby. The trio then allegedly buried the one-day-old newborn just like the other.

A few days later, Naik confessed to the women that he is a married man and asked the women to return to their home state. On July 4, both women returned to their home state of Odisha. However, a few days later, Naik returned to Gayathri. When she refused to leave with him, he abducted her. However, her parents managed to rescue the woman from a nearby forest and immediately alerted police.

Police arrested Naik on July 30. It was during interrogation that the shocking murders came to light. Police also took Gurubari and Gayathri in custody.

The bodies of the newborns were exhumed in presence of an executive magistrate on Aug. 5. Autopsies were performed on the remains of the infants.

Police also seized the weapon used to bury the newborns. The man faces charges of murder and rape, officers said.

Representational image. Getty Images/Christopher Furlong