• 14-inch MacBook Pro likely out by 2021
  • Apple given more time to improve 14-inch MacBook Pro
  • 14-inch MacBook Pro may have mini-LED display, ARM-based MAC processors

As most know, Apple released a 13-inch MacBook Pro recently so it seems only normal to expect that some were expecting a refresh for the 14-inch variant as well. It may only be time before the Cupertino company would do so but the latest leaks claim that this may take some time. And much as it may dismay, that wait could last until 2021.

The claim comes from the same leaker who has been consistent in past Apple leaks. That includes information on the iPad Pro LiDAR sensor and the iPhone SE. In a Twitter post, @l0vetodream was mentioned: "in my dream MBP14 next year." This was about a 14-inch MacBook Pro model coming. Also, it backs up the claim made by another reliable leaker in Jon Prosser who says that the information is similar to what his sources are telling him.

There are different ways to approach the latest leaks for the 14-inch MacBook Pro. Some feel it could be an educational guess while others consider it as something possibly tied up to the internal scheduling on Apple's end. But looking at how the company makes device refreshes, Apple normally upgrades its models once a year. There are exceptions although a safer projection would likely be to see a 14-inch MacBook Pro come out in 2021, Apple Insider reported.

Further, a longer wait could give Apple more time to employ necessary upgrades to the MacBook Pro. That includes a possible change in display. Mini LED screens could be forthcoming and there is that shift to ARM-based MAC processors. Should these two enhancements be applied, there is reason to believe that the 14-inch MacBook Pro could be a laptop worth waiting for.

Also, there was the previous allegation from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He had previously stated that the Cupertino company has plans to release at least six Mini-LED products by the end of 2021 and this would include 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. And as mentioned in a previous post, that 14-inch MacBook Pro model with a mini-LED display could include a scissor-switch keyboard design. Though unofficial for now, Apple has the luxury of time to work on these features and come out with another hit MacBook Pro.

13-inch MacBook Pro 13-inch MacBook Pro Photo: Apple