• Games coming to Nintendo Direct in June leaked
  • Not all games may be included for Nintendo Direct
  • Rare Replay port unlikely to be included

Gaming companies are one of the niches who remain up and about although some of their planned upcoming events have taken a hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The annual E3 was called off but that has not stopped companies from pushing on with their planned new game showcases. And it appears one is coming this June.

That event is likely to be held online for obvious reasons. Most are limited to their homes to protect them from the coronavirus and most know how games can be digitally purchased online. With all that set, what to Nintendo Direct users have to look forward to? If the leak by 4chan is any indication, the answer to that is A LOT. This is the same leaker who broke out "Pokemon Sword and Shield" but his massive revelation raises plenty of questions.

Among the game titles for the Nintendo Direct allegedly coming this June include Super Mario LEGO sets, "Warioware: Switch It Up!", "Arms Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character," "Super Mario HD bundle," and "Super Mario 3D World Deluxe with Waluigi and Toadette." There will also be the new "Paper Mario Switch game," "Pikmin 3 Switch port" (with a Pikmin 4 confirmation) plus the announcement of "F-Zero: Turbo, a Rare Replay," "Donkey Kong Country games" (for Switch Online) and the reveal of a Super Mario RPG remake.

The list is pretty hard to digest but something that Game Rant advised to be taken lightly. Some could come out while others may not. But of the list of games revealed by 4chan, there is one game title that raises more questions than excitement - the supposed Rare Replay port for the Nintendo Switch. Though Microsoft and Nintendo have a good working relationship, more supporting data is needed to back this claim.

That is quite a lot of game titles gamers could get from Nintendo and timely. With most left with nothing better to do in their homes, playing video games aside from frequenting social media has now become the common pastimes for most. The coming months could shed more light on what to expect but these rumored game titles should suffice for now.

Super Mario Maker in Nintendo Direct 2019
“Super Mario Maker 2” is one of the most anticipated announcements during the Nintendo Direct 2019. Pictured: Nintendo's Mario game characters figurines are displayed on a stand during the 2017 Paris Games Week exhibition at the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre in Paris. Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty Images