An Oklahoma couple was arrested Friday after their three children, including a 2-year-old, were found living in deplorable conditions inside a truck parked in a Walmart parking lot.

The police arrived at the scene after receiving information that the truck hadn’t moved in days, News 9 reported.

The officers opened the truck’s door and found three children -- aged 2, 14 and 17 -- living inside in inhumane conditions. They also found bags of trash lying outside the vehicle. The parents, identified as Michel Falk and Amy Bohannan, returned to the truck a few hours later and were taken into custody.

"The children were not bathed, they were dirty, clothes were very dirty, the baby’s diaper was full," said Major Bradley Rule with the Del City Police Department, News 9 reported.

"It was pretty deplorable conditions. The children did not have any food immediately available to them, they said they had some that morning they had no water available to them or anything like that," he added.

Court documents said the toddler’s "top front teeth appeared to be rotting out," and the children had been in the same clothes for several days.

The parents were charged with child endangerment. The police said officers found a small amount of meth in Falk’s possession, due to which he will face additional charges, Local 12 reported.

"As they were checking them for weapons, they located a small amount of methamphetamine and a methamphetamine smoking pipe in his possession, so he was charged with those drugs in addition to child neglect and the mother was just charged with child neglect," said Rule.

The children were initially in the custody of the Department of Human Services. They are now being taken care of by a family member.

The parents remained in the Oklahoma County jail as of Friday. No details were available regarding their jail plea.

Earlier this month, two Northern Kentucky parents were taken into custody after their 4-year-old child was found locked up in a bedroom with human feces and trash all around.

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