Fort Worth Police Crimes Against Children Unit in Texas has taken charge of the investigation involving the death of a 3-year-old boy who died on Easter Sunday due to suspected child abuse.

Amari Boone was admitted to the Cook Children’s Medical Center on Friday morning as he suffered from severe head trauma. He was pronounced dead on Sunday.

According to his aunt, Chasatie Boozer, Amari had fractured ribs, two broken arms, and had bleeding in his brain. His parents said every one of his fingers was broken too.

The doctors who examined him suspected the injuries to be a result of child abuse. The hospital authorities immediately reported the incident to the FWPD Crimes Against Children Unit. His death has been ruled a homicide by the Tarrant medical county examiner.

According to the police, Amari and his 19-month-old brother were in the custody of court-appointed caregivers and had been living with two men who were friends of his family in the 1200 block of Dover Cliff Court. His mother, Ariana George, had lost custody of the children about a year ago after she went into a financial crisis and became homeless.

"We both thought we knew them,” George told local media.

George said that when she visited Amari earlier last month, she found her baby boy with bruises and with swollen eyes and lips. She said she immediately informed the Child Protection Service with photo evidence.

"I gave it to my CPS caseworker. I gave it to her supervisor. And I gave it to my boy's lawyer,” she said.

But the authorities took no action and the child continued to live with the two men.

“I think they failed, They failed miserably. Because I gave them the information they needed and the pictures that I have," she said referring to CPS. “He was the most brightest spirit you have ever met. He was so tiny but had such a big personality. He was just an awesome kid and didn't deserve this at all.”

The Child Protection Service is now working alongside the police in finding out what happened to the child.

"Before the children were allowed to live in that home, background checks and visits to the home were conducted. The judge overseeing the children’s CPS case approved the placement," Marissa Gonzales, media relations director for Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, said in an email statement.

"Amari’s younger brother has been moved out of the home and placed in a foster home," she said.

"I have to make sure my son rests in peace, I talk to him all the time and tell him that I"m here, I'm still here, I love you, I never left your side and I believed you from the jump and we're going to get justice for you," George concluded.

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