Outside the meager selection of games, one of the largest complaints about today’s VR technology is the limitations the controller’s place on the user. Players can’t move everywhere they want and the controllers in your hands can only do so much. Wanting VR users more ability to move in the virtual world,  3dRudder is unveiling at CES 2017 the 3dRudder Wireless, which is a new foot- powered movement controller.

To use the 3dRudder wireless foot-controlled remote users have to (obviously) be seated. According to 3dRudder, pressure sensors use your own heel-to-toe movement to move left/right, front/back and rotate in either direction. This, the company says, frees your hands to focus on other aspects of VR gameplay. 

“Small, fluid moves make it easy to navigate, jump, crawl, run, shoot or otherwise survive, for example, in a post-apocalyptic virtual world,” 3dRudder said in a statement. “Based on the simple premise that using your feet is the most intuitive way to get around, 3dRudder lets you move the way you’re used to through worlds you’ve never seen”

3dRudder’s wireless controller kinda looks like one of those old school Simon games from the 80s, except that are now blue and yellow buttons to mash. Take a look at the video below to see it in action.  

The foot controller is compatible with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream. According to 3dRudder, the controller works with Windows PC systems, Android mobile, Steam and "other platforms."

“What makes this product truly unique is that it serves not only as a foot-powered controller for virtual reality and videogames, but also as a 3D mouse for CAD design, as a foot-operated mouse for people with disabilities, as a motion controller to fly drones, drive small submarines and industrial machines and much more,” Stanislas Chesnais, CEO of 3dRudder, said.

The 3dRudder Wireless VR controller is set for a Summer 2017 release with a $199 price tag