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While most successful businesses provide their customers with excellent value, certain companies go further, disrupting their whole industry and changing the way people do business. While such companies are rare, they have an outsized impact on the world.

Below, discover four groundbreaking businesses that are challenging the status quo and shaping the future.

1. Relic Tickets

Relic Tickets
Relic Tickets Relic Tickets

Relic Tickets is disrupting the ticketing industry on all fronts by offering a completely new kind of ticket: Smart Tickets. While the old, tired ticketing system of Web2 is prone to fraud and scalping, Relic Tickets' cutting-edge technology offers all the benefits of Web3's transparency, accountability, and security without changing the process of buying a ticket.

With Smart Tickets, ticket issuers can keep a more in-depth record of attendance numbers by utilizing the blockchain as a ledger. They can also collate data associated with holders of a specific smart ticket. At the same time, they can interact with ticket holders in new and innovative ways, like sending out notices, hosting surprise giveaways, and creating token-gated sites or services.

Similarly, smart ticket holders don't simply receive a ticket to an event. An immutable and often-interactive digital asset, Relic's tickets not only grant entry into a show or festival but can also function as coveted collectibles. Within communities of fans, these may even become signs of status. These tickets can also grant holders access to exclusive experiences, including fan clubs made up only of holders of similarly owned tickets.

Relic Tickets bridges Web2 and Web3, creating unforgettable experiences for both attendees and artists in the process.

2. Beyond Slim

Beyond Slim is more than a product — it's a community. Its purpose is to help millions of people achieve maximum health and wellness through cutting-edge nutrition and proven programs.

Beyond Slim
Beyond Slim Beyond Slim

Beyond Slim's featured product, ZipSlim, is a delicious way to lose three times more weight, reduce cravings and appetite, and help people achieve healthy lifestyle goals. Dr. Mark Drucker from the Center for Advanced Medicine in San Diego, California, developed ZipSlim's proprietary formula to defeat Metabolic Overload: the root cause of midlife weight gain.

What's more, Beyond Slim supports your success with proven programs rooted in behavioral success techniques. Beyond Slim's Metabolic Reboot and Think T.H.I.N. healthy recipe guides help people every step of the way. As a result, you don't just get results — you get lasting, sustainable results.

In order to fulfill its mission, the company innovated a revolutionary new distribution model called Social Referral Marketing, which rewards those who help others become fitter, healthier, and happier. Founder and CEO Ray Faltinsky created this new way to structure direct sales marketing to make it serve the 90% who are part-time in the industry, not just the 10% who are full-time.

3. Bearbottom Clothing

After Robert Felder visited Bangladesh, where he saw firsthand the need for quality jobs and basic necessities like clothing, he dedicated himself to improving the lives of the people there. Toward this end, he founded Bearbottom Clothing, a menswear line that provides jobs while also donating a portion of proceeds back to the community.

Bearbottom Clothing
Bearbottom Clothing Bearbottom Clothing

Bearbottom Clothing has since become a well-known apparel brand. Its high-performance, comfortable clothing features natural dyes and stretch fabrics made from post-consumer recycled materials. The company sells men's clothing of all kinds, from shorts, joggers, chinos, and pants to polos, long-sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets. Bearbottom even offers a wide array of swim trunks.

Over the years, Bearbottom has expanded its clothing line and its impact on the people and communities the company works with. Since the start of 2021, the company has donated over 700,000 meals in India.

4. First Responder's Coffee Company

The main purpose of First Responder's Coffee Company (FRCC) is to raise funds for first responders rather than make a profit. Proceeds from the sales of FRCC's high-quality coffees go toward purchasing equipment, training, and mental health services for first responders, as well as providing support for their families.

First Responder’s Coffee Company
First Responder’s Coffee Company First Responder’s Coffee Company

Founder Brent Tucker first started the organization upon retiring from his 20-year career as an elite soldier in the US Armed Forces. When he offered badly needed training in unique situations to law enforcement agencies, limited budgets prevented them from taking advantage of his expertise. He realized the best way he could help our nation's heroes was to enable them to overcome financial constraints and acquire the tools and resources they need. Soon afterward, FRCC was born.

Bags of FRCC coffee name different kinds of first responders that receive funding through the sale of that product: Emergency Medical Services, Police, Fire Fighter, Sheriff Deputy, or K9. Customers choose which type of organization they want to support by selecting the corresponding coffee bag. Whichever bag they choose, however, their purchase will go to support our nation's brave men and women.