A 4-year-old child in India died after mistakenly drinking alcohol, thinking it to be fruit juice, following which his grandfather suffered a fatal cardiac arrest due to the shock.

The incident took place in the southern state of Tamil Nadu on Friday. Authorities said the child choked to death after consuming the alcohol belonging to his grandfather. The 62-year-old man had been drinking the alcohol at his home while his grandson was having snacks. The man kept the bottle of brandy aside and went to the other room to watch television, The Times of India reported. The boy, who was alone in the room, consumed the alcohol, mistaking it for fruit juice.

When the child started choking severely, the grandfather rushed to help him. The elderly man, identified as P Chinnasamy, began panicking and informed his daughter-in-law about the incident. The child's mother got furious and began yelling at the elderly man.

Soon, Chinnasamy suffered a heart attack and lost consciousness. The other family members arrived at the scene and rushed both the grandfather and his grandson to a private hospital. The doctors declared the grandfather brought dead and asked the family to take the child to the Christian Medical College for further treatment. However, the child also died, Tamil Samayam reported. [Google Translate showed]

Following the incident, the police filed a case of suspicious death and sent both the bodies to the Vellore Government General Hospital for autopsy.  

It remains unclear if the mother of the child was inside the house when he drank the alcohol.

Last month, an 18-year-old girl died after she brushed her teeth with rat poison, mistaking it for toothpaste. The incident took place in Mumbai, India’s biggest city and one of the most populous in the world. The girl was identified as Apsana Khan. The police said the teenager, who went to brush her teeth after waking up, mistakenly picked up the tube of rat poison cream that was kept next to the toothpaste.  “While brushing she realized that she has not used the toothpaste due to which she washed her mouth immediately," a police officer said at the time. She fell ill later and was rushed to a hospital, where she died.

Dead body Representational image Photo: Getty Images/ John Moore