A four-year-old girl broke her leg after falling almost 16 feet from a Ferris wheel at a fair in Hutan Melintang, Malaysia, on Sunday evening.

According to local reports, the Ferris wheel started its ascension untimely and the girl’s parents were not able to board with her. The ride came to a halted at once after it gained almost 15 feet, following which the victim’s family could only witness the horrific fall. The girl, identified as Zhou Le Ying, sustained a fracture in her leg as well as abrasions on her hands and face.

After the incident took place at about 9.30 p.m. local time ( 9.30 a.m. EDT), the little girl’s father, Chen immediately called a government clinic at Hutan Melintang but "didn’t expect that they didn’t have any doctors or ambulances at the time.” He added that since they did not have any other choice, they had to drive their daughter to Teluk Intan hospital, which was almost 11 miles away.

Confirming the incident, an unnamed representative for the fair, said, “The girl’s capsule started moving up after she got on so one of the workers tried to hold it back, but they failed. The staff found that the control was not working. They couldn’t stop the wheel. The girl opened the door and fell out."

Meanwhile, the girl's parents reported the incident to police and were preparing to sue the fair operator.

“We are going to take legal action against the fair operator. We can’t accept that it is just an accident. This is serious negligence," the victim's father said.

Local reports also stated a police report was filed by the residents of the area, claiming many rides at the fair to be unsafe. The fair representative said they would co-operate with the police investigation. The fair was closed after the accident.

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Representational image REUTERS/Michael Dalder