Nintendo Co said the 3DS device has made a good start with 440,000 units sold in the US in a weeks’ time. Launched on March 27, Nintendo 3DS has successfully out-performed its Wii.

Priced at $249.99, Nintendo 3DS has a 3D screen with no requirement for special glasses, SpotPass, StreetPass, motion sensors, Circle pad, parental controls among many other features. It has a wide LCD display supporting 16.77 million colors. Fitted with one inner and two outer cameras, the device has a battery life of about 3-5 hours.

But the sales were less than the forecast according by analyst, Haruka Mori at Barclays Capital. Nintendo needs to expand its own 3DS software lineup and launch new software which is suitable for the 3Ds's functionality, said Mori.

The company also has plans to deliver a new web browser and Netflix streaming.

Despite the massive earthquake on March 11 that disrupted many shipments from Japan, Nintendo was able to meet supply requirements and sold 860,000 units of Nintendo DS in March.

Here is a demo of the device: