Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby could have welcomed their firstborn already.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced earlier that they will keep their birthing plan a secret until they have celebrated their baby’s arrival privately. So, royal fans should not expect real-time updates.

However, many are convinced that baby Sussex has already arrived. Here’s a list of major clues suggesting that the newest member of the royal family has been born already.

1. Prince Harry leaving Markle

Prince Harry is set to leave Markle next week for an official engagement in Amsterdam. Many were convinced that the baby is already here following the announcement because Prince Harry would never leave his wife in labor or while she’s still expecting their baby for his royal duty.

2. Queen Elizabeth II’s Visit

The biggest clue that could hint at baby Sussex’s arrival was Queen Elizabeth II’s recent visit to Windsor. Her Majesty was spotted on Sunday afternoon quietly visiting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and possibly their child.

Queen Elizabeth II’s visit sparked the rumors that Prince Harry and Markle have already welcomed their baby. However, the couple remains mum about it and has not issued an official statement yet.

3. Chris Evans’ statement

TV presenter Chris Evans teased about baby Sussex on his “Virgin Radio Breakfast” show this morning.

“We sit here still finding ourselves, some say, minus a new royal baby or do we… ladies and gentleman?” Evans said.

News present Rachel Home pressed him for more information. The host then replied, “I’m not sure what I know, but I think I know something.”

Evans refused to elaborate and said that he was already giving more than a hint. He explained that his basis was Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to Frogmore Cottage. According to Evans, it’s not common for Queen Elizabeth II to visit her grandchildren at their home.

4. Doria Ragland’s dogs being walked by a dog walker

Markle’s mom has been spotted walking her dogs near her house. However, just recently, her beloved dogs were seen with a female dog walker near her home in Los Angeles. This is an official sign that she has left California and her beloved pets to be with Prince Harry and Markle as they welcome their first child.

5. Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Markle

Last week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also visited Prince Harry and Markle at their new home in Windsor. Many believe that it was to patch things up after they were embroiled in a rift in the past weeks. However, a source said that Prince Harry and Prince William already fixed their issues weeks ago, so the visit could be for baby Sussex.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lay ferns and a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Warrior at the newly unveiled UK war memorial and Pukeahu National War Memorial Park on Oct. 28, 2018, in Wellington, New Zealand. Getty Images/Rosa Woods