• Xbox Game Pass will gain 5 more games on July 1 but will lose 8 others by June 30
  • New Game Pass titles include "Limbo" and "Gang Beasts"
  • Players will no longer have access to removed games after the changes

Xbox Game Pass is about to get a new set of games at the expense of a number of other titles in the subscription service’s vast library of offerings. The selection of games in the Xbox Game Pass has been constantly growing, including even the biggest of Day 1 game releases as part of the service.

This time, Xbox is toning down on their blockbuster offers in favor of a small handful of five charming games from smaller developers. According to Game Informer, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have access to the following starting July 1:

  • “Limbo”
  • “Gang Beasts”
  • “Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts”
  • “Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling”
  • “Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars”

The new set of games succeeds June’s stellar offerings, with “Worms Rumble” and “Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered” stealing the spotlight. This time around, “Limbo” and “Gang Beasts” serve as the more popular games on the list, offering players excellent choices for singleplayer and multiplayer experiences alike.

“Limbo” is a harrowing puzzle-platformer set in a grim, mysterious and monotonous world. Players will explore this world as a young child, solving puzzles and avoiding dangers as they follow a cookie-crumb trail of clues that might shed some light about what exactly is going on.

On the other hand, “Gang Beasts” is a four-player, physics-based brawler game that’s perfectly suited for LAN parties. Players will fight among themselves in a 4-8 player melee free-for-all between floppy jellybean people. Fans of party games will find plenty of things to enjoy in “Gang Beasts’” style of chaotic brawls and slapstick combat.

Gang Beasts is a fun and chaotic multiplayer brawler that's perfect for parties with friends
Gang Beasts is a fun and chaotic multiplayer brawler that's perfect for parties with friends Boneloaf

Unfortunately, the introduction of June and July’s new games means some of Game Pass’ offerings will sadly be removed. Starting June 30, the following games will no longer be available on Xbox Game Pass:

  • “Monster Hunter World”
  • “Battle Chasers Night War“
  • “Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite”
  • “Mistover”
  • “Out Of The Park Baseball”
  • “Soulcalibur VI”
  • “The Messenger”
  • “The Outer Wilds”

Players will no longer be able to access any game that has been removed from the Xbox Game Pass regardless if they’re still installed on their systems. However, saved files will be preserved via cloud and players will still be able to continue from where they left off if they ever purchase a previously played game.