Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian Reuters

1. She's a supply-sider. The less the busty reality TV star is required to pay in taxes, the more she's able to spend on clothing and jewelry, which pumps life into the southern California economy.

2. She exudes confidence. Instead of hiding out on Martha's Vineyard and hoping the economic crisis goes away by itself, she's a pro-active, hands-on leader who inspires those around her. She can show Obama that to maintain one's celebrity status, it's preferable to follow up fancy talk with high-profile actions.

3. She's started her own business. Before becoming president, Obama was a community organizer with no real-world experience. Kardashian can teach him what it takes to set a budget and stick to it, as well as how to deal with suppliers and how to quash labor troubles. She's done it with her clothing store, Dash.

4. She's young and virile. Unlike Larry Summers and Joe Biden, the bodacious Kardashian won't nod off during meetings in the Oval Office.

5. She made $17.5 million off her own wedding. Accounting for the national debt, Kim has made $14,000,017,500,000.00 more than Obama in just the past couple days.