When Sony, Ninetento and Lockheed Martin are getting hacked, what about the small businesses? Here are five basic tips to secure your business:

- Make sure your company’s software is updated, as it pertains to the operating system and the web browser and then have a firewall installed. The security setting should be at a medium or greater mode, as the hackers are desperately waiting for a flaw or opening in company’s systems and browsers.

- The communications have to be encrypted by selecting a wireless router with an encryption feature. The computer, router, and other necessities need to utilize the same encryption mode.

- Most business communications rely on e-mails, so without implementing proper email security measures, the business network becomes more vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated malware programs, including computer viruses, worms, trojan horses and spyware.

- You can safeguard the organization from email attacks, by separating email servers from applications and storage servers. Most businesses are shifting to a cloud-based email security services, which ensures security and transparency to the employees letting them focus on their work.

- Also have an email archiving system that can recognize email that is consistent with your corporate culture, regulatory requirements and industry.