Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s romance continues to heat up. And many believe that the couple is heading to engagement.

The “Suits” star and Prince William’s brother might take their relationship to the next level soon. Markle and Harry are spotted together more often. In fact, the latter was seen in Toronto earlier this month to spend the Easter weekend with the love of his life.

Elle listed several signs that hint Markle and Harry’s impending engagement.

Harry grante Markle free pass at the Kensington Palace gates. Since Markle is Harry’s girlfriend, she has become a regular visitor in the palace. Normally, guests go through an extensive screening process. However, following Harry’s order, the “Horrible Bosses” star can now go to the royal’s place without a security check.

Harry is renovating an apartment to move in with Markle. It is known that Prince William and Kate Middleton are moving to Kensington Palace, but that’s not all because Harry is occupying a bigger apartment, too. The Prince is said to be renovating it and some sources claim that he is in a hurry to finish it, so he can move there with Markle.

“He keeps popping round and asking when it will be ready,” a source told Daily Mail. “He seems in a real hurry to move in with Meghan.”

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Markle is willing to leave “Suits.” Markle and Harry endure a long distance relationship. However, Daily Star reported that the actress is willing to leave her hit TV show to live with the royal prince in London.

Both already met each other’s family. Markle is already a regular guest in the Kensington Palace and Harry has reportedly introduced her to Prince Charles, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Kate, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Meanwhile, the royal prince met her family in Toronto.

They attend special events together. Harry attended his best friend Tom “Skippy” Inskip’s Carribean wedding in Jamaica with Markle in March. The actress is also expected to attend Pippa Middleton’s after-nuptial party. Kate and William never stepped out formally before they announced their engagement, which prompted many to believe that Markle and Harry are close to getting engaged too.

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