Kate Middleton and Prince William can be playful, too.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tend to be less tactile compared to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Prince William and Middleton rarely touch each other in public, but they were caught mocking each other and flirting. Here are the five different times the couple teased one another.

1. Middleton on having Prince William’s poster

During their engagement interview, the duchess was asked if it was true that she kept a poster of Prince William on her bedroom wall. The Duke of Cambridge joked that there were about 10 or 20 posters but Middleton denied it.

"He wishes," Middleton joked. The royal mom of three said that what she had on her wall was a Levi’s guy and not a photo of the prince.

2. Prince William accused Middleton of ruining an artist’s work

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined the Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit in October. Colombian fine artist Dario Vargas asked if they wanted to contribute to the painting he was creating. Middleton picked a brush and added paint on the canvass.

"It’s pretty much ruined the picture," Prince William commented.

3. Prince William appreciated Middleton’s cooking skills

Prince William and Middleton used to live together in a dorm when they were still in college. During their engagement interview, Middleton asked her then husband-to-be if he liked her cooking.

Prince William didn’t say "yes" but praised her effort. According to the Duke of Cambridge, Middleton’s cooking was just alright and it’s got better.

4. Prince William joked about Middleton’s outfit

Earlier this month, Prince William and Middleton hosted a Christmas party in Cyprus for the RAF members who will be spending the holidays apart from their family. On the said outing, the duchess’s outfit matched the decor. During a photo shoot, Prince William joked that his wife camouflaged against the Christmas tree.

5. Middleton disclosed Prince William’s nightmarish habit

On the same outing, the yellow couches at the venue reminded Prince William of his couches at home. The duke told everyone to keep the pizza off the sofa. Middleton playfully answered back, “You’re a nightmare with that!”