Street appeal, a term frequently used by real estate agents, fundamentally means the external beauty of a property and how vital is it in amping up the resale value of the same.

Whether or not you plan on listing your property, the outer glimpse of the house is always reflective of the quality of the interior. A fresh-looking and friendly interior and, essentially, a well-maintained garden are the three basic requirements to make a great first impression and positively influence the buyer's decision.

Be it a freshly painted fence or a beautiful planting scheme, a little effort to improve the home's external appeal goes a long way. If not only for selling, decorating the front of the home provides the children a little more room to play around.

Transforming the exterior of the house doesn't require spending the top dollar as a touch of green, fine-crafted decor items or some subtle paints add to the aesthetic value.

Here are a few tips that can easily improve the look and feel of your house's exterior: 

Add fresh coat of paint- With time, the color loses sheen and applying a fresh coat freshens the entire look of the home. The best way to an instant and effective home upgrade is to re-paint it. 

Make front door pop- The front door of the house attracts the eye if the entryway is adorned with a few decorative accents, for example, a wall-mounted mailbox or a set of modern sculptures on either side. To make the door stand out rather than blend in, applying a coat of bronze paint works wonders. 

Adorn yard with lights- Dreamy lights in the yard add oriental appeal to the house and make the space appear brighter and bigger. To give an instant boost of life to the light fixture, change the bulbs and clean the build-up of dust and grime around them. If the house is well-lit, the best features aren't obscured by shadows. 

Work on the landscaping- A clean and well-maintained landscaping provides a better opportunity for the buyer to focus on the positives. Begin with clearing the clutter collected between the kerb and the front door and then remove the overgrown foliage or unused items, if any, for a sorted-out look. 

Install a fence- Putting a fence in the yard can significantly increase the value of the property by ensuring high security. Fences range in heights from 4 to 9 inches and are typically made up of wood or stone to make sure both the privacy and the security aspects are taken care of. 

house-1836070_1920 House exterior Photo: Pixabay