Could Charlie Hunnam become the future Christian Grey in the movie adaption of E.L. James’ best-selling novel “Fifty Shades of Grey?” The actor is that latest to be hurled into the movie cast rumor barrel.

TWITCH wrote the “Pacific Rim” and “Sons of Anarchy” star could be the Hollywood actor that lands the leading role in the Sam Taylor-Johnson directed film based off most everyone’s favorite erotica. According to the news site, Hunnam is the “prime target” to play the “handsome, yet tormented billionaire” Christian Grey.

Hunnam’s reps have yet to comment on the rumor, but the speculation for “Fifty Shades” fans will come to a halt pretty soon. The film, whose screenplay is written by Kelly Marcel, is expected to debut in theaters Aug. 1, 2014, which is now less than a year away.

He joins Chace Crawford and Devin Paisley as the most recent actors to be listed as front-runners for the role. It’s been reported that fan favorites like Ian Somerhalder, Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer don’t have a chance at getting the part and that James wants to pick someone who is relatively unknown.

Brett Easton Ellis claimed to know who the British author wants to play her beloved Grey, but he wouldn’t reveal her top choice. He did add it was someone the public was familiar with, but that he thinks the actor she wants will not accept the role.

“She is never going to get him,” Ellis told Refinery 29. “He has dark hair. Of course, that’s what she wants … Okay, I can say this: Think of the most obvious, fitting choice. It’s right in front of your face. I can’t say anything.”

Apparently he was sore that James didn’t choose him to direct the film, but the author has explained she always wanted a woman to direct the flick. Ellis said to Refinery 29 that James told him, “Look, it was always going to be a woman. It was never going to be a man directing, and I should have had someone get to you before you went on your six-month campaign.”