• There were no signs of struggle or blood spills around the cattle
  • Officers found limited evidence to indicate what exactly happened
  • Each incident occurred in different locations, pastures and herds

Authorities are investigating the mysterious deaths of six cows that were found mutilated on different properties along a Texas highway, all with their tongues missing.

The incidents have baffled law enforcement officers as there were no signs of struggle or blood spills around the cattle. They were found dead in a similar manner in three separate Texas counties last week. Authorities found only limited evidence to indicate what exactly happened with the cattle.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office began an investigation after ranchers found a 6-year-old longhorn-cross cow lying dead on her side, with its tongue missing, KSAT reported Saturday.

"A straight, clean cut, with apparent precision, had been made to remove the hide around the cow's mouth on one side, leaving the meat under the removed hide untouched. The tongue was also completely removed from the body with no blood spill," the sheriff's office said in a statement.

While investigating the case, the Madison County Sheriff's Office learned of five similar occurrences involving four adult cows and one yearling in Brazos County and Robertson County. Each incident occurred in different locations, pastures and herds.

"The other cows were found in the same condition, lying on one side with the exposed side of their face cut along the jaw line and the tongue, once again, completely removed," the statement added. Two of the cows also had their genitalia removed. "This circular cut was made with the same precision as the cuts noted around the jaw lines of each cow."

Officers further said the grass was "undisturbed" around the area where the carcasses were found, and that there were no footprints or tire tracks. "No predators or birds would scavenge the remains for several weeks after death."

Police said reports of similar incidents were reported across the state and deputies were working with relevant agencies to investigate the matter. The cause of death of the cattle remains unknown.

Anyone with information on the matter can contact Madison County Sheriff's Office investigator Foster at 936-348-2755.

A series of similar incidents occurred across the Midwest in the 1970s. Nearly 200 cows, a buffalo, a horse and a goat were found dead in mysterious ways, with their tongue and sex organs removed. At the time, it was thought the incidents were caused by scavenging animals, such as vultures and skunks, reported Star-Telegram.

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