A Missouri couple were accused of starving their six-week-old-baby to death, according to court records. Phillip Thomas Leon Compton, 31, and Jessica Alice Cook, 33, both residents of Crystal City, had starved their baby. It died on Feb. 10 while weighing just 5 pounds.

Kanaan Leon Compton appeared malnourished when paramedics were called to his home after he was facing breathing difficulty. The infant was rushed to Mercy Jefferson Hospital in Festus but died less than an hour later. The child's parents now face abuse or neglect of a child resulting in death charges.

The boy, who was born on Dec. 24, 2017, lost more than a pound in the final month of his life, court documents revealed.

The baby's father is said to have told investigators "We thought the child was fine, due to me and Ms. Cook both being very skinny" and said he "thought his wife was feeding him." He said the baby had not had, a bowel movement in more than five days and believed Cook made an appointment with a doctor but the visits were later canceled.

An attorney for Compton also told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that his client did not know that the child wasn't being fed regularly.

“He worked full time and was only assuming his wife was feeding his child,” attorney Lenny Kagan said. “He is a first-time parent and a good guy. His life has been turned upside down. It’s a 100 percent tragic accident. Phillip is devastated. The family is devastated.”

Compton’s mother had also previously pointed out that Kanaan looked thin and needed medical attention after seeing a photograph of the baby on social media. An autopsy revealed that the infant died of malnutrition and probable dehydration.

A police report filed against Compton stated that the father did not care for his son on the morning, authorities responded to the couple’s home. He failed to make a doctor’s appointment after Cook said Kanaan appeared to be too thin. Court records also stated that Compton stayed in bed as the boy made “unfamiliar choking noises.”

Kanaan is survived by two brothers, according to the boy’s obituary.

“It was a very difficult incident to deal with,” Crystal City Police Chief Chad Helms told the Post-Dispatch. “They’ve continually stayed focused and tried to find answers.”

The baby's mother remained in jail Tuesday, after a judge set bail for her and Compton at $50,000 cash, the Post-Dispatch added.

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