• The girl was the grandaughter of anti-violence activist KG Wilson
  • She succumbed to her injuries Wednesday
  • Police have not yet identified the suspect

A 6-year-old Minneapolis girl who sustained a gunshot wound to her head while sitting in her family's car died Wednesday.

Aniya Allen, the granddaughter of anti-violence activist KG Wilson, was sitting in her family's car when she was struck by a stray bullet in north Minneapolis on Monday. The girl was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition. She succumbed to her injuries Wednesday.

A man walking near the area where the shooting happened was also hit by a bullet. His condition is serious, reported ABC News.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday, Wilson said "Now it became a homicide instead of a shooting."

"You murdered our loved one. A six-year-old baby. Our precious little girl. You murdered her. I don't know who you are. Where you are at. But I hope you're watching this. I don't know if you have any six-year-old brothers or sisters. I don't want anybody to feel what we're feeling right now. How can you live with yourself?"

Police have not yet identified the suspect or arrested anyone in connection with the incident.

"The most beautiful little girl probably ever here in Minneapolis, could have been one of our future leaders, I definitely was trying to train her up to be one of the future community leaders, leading her by example. I would not want her to see me like this today," said Wilson, reported KARE11 News.

Mourning the loss of his granddaughter, Wilson wrote on Facebook, "All I tried to do to help bring love compassion and Peace! I just went from sad to mad now all I want to know is who did this?"

There have been several shootings in Minneapolis since the beginning of 2021, with 21 of them involving children. Allen's case is the third such incident in just a few weeks.

Minneapolis police have urged anyone with information to report to them or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477. Their identity will be kept anonymous.

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