If you've been nurturing the idea of working from home for some time but can't seem to wrap your head around a specific job to do or where to find jobs, we're happy to inform you that you've just clicked on the right post. Every year, FlexJobs – a company which specializes in work-at-home jobs – update their list of the top 100 companies with remote jobs.

But for someone in search of a remote job, scouring the entire list from FlexJobs can be a daunting task. So we've decided to do the heavy lifting for you and come up with the 7 best jobs from this list. Our list is all-encompassing, and if you're really serious about getting paid from home, then you should be able to find a job from this list.


Appen is the first on this list because of their vast connections with several companies globally. Although they're majorly focused on large technology organizations, they still offer some non-technology based job opportunities too. And as you might have guessed, most of the companies they have cooperation with are some of the biggest tech brands in the world.

Popular work-from-home jobs opportunities you're likely to find on Appen include:

Jobs in transcription and linguistics

Jobs in translation provided you can speak, work, and write in diverse languages.

Direct connection with corporate clients around the world in fields – such as marketing, finance, engineering, and sales.

To get a remote job on Appen, all you need is a mobile device and a functioning PC.


Lionbridge has a slightly different style from Appen, in that they offer you the opportunity to work remotely from home or at any of their 47 branches around the world. Currently, Lionbridge has cooperation with businesses and brands in 26 countries across the globe. Depending on the service you can offer and the experience you've had in the past, Lionbridge provides work-from-home opportunities on a full-time, part-time, or freelance basis.

The company is open to accepting corporate associates from different fields of life, including tech, finance, banking, marketing, interpreters, gaming, legal, life sciences, manufacturing, and translators.

Additionally, Lionbridge also has some sub-categories, namely, raters, curators, and testers. These sub-categories are open to college students, corporate associates, and anyone interested in working from home. Although Lionbridge is particularly vast with the number of remote job opportunities it offers, your best bets are language-related jobs. So if you're multilingual, this should be the first place you look for a remote job opportunity. Currently, Lionbridge works with close to a half-million translators in over 350 languages. But as you might have guessed, experience is key if you want to be hired as a remote worker by Lionbridge. But since they take workers with freelancing experience, you can work briefly as a freelancer on some major freelancing sites before applying with Lionbridge.


If you speak and understand English very well, VipKid has got a job for you. In an attempt to educate and improve the level of understanding of the English language in China, VipKid provides English learning tutorials to close to a million students in China, including students from low-income rural schools. And to achieve this goal, they hire English teachers from around the world.

It doesn't matter the part of the world you live in, VipKid is always open to hiring you, provided you meet their selection criteria, one of which is that you must have a bachelor's degree. According to the advert on their website, they pay teachers $22 per hour, and their teachers take students between the ages of four and twelve.


When you think of Liveops, you can picture a company that operates a system similar to a dispersed call center. That is, they don't have call centers, but they have a network of remotely based individuals.

Remember those customer care agents that often answer the phone anytime you put a call through to a service provider? Well, Liveops help you do a similar thing. They connect interested and qualified individuals with brands from around the world based on their experience and skills. And once you become a Liveops agent, you'll be tasked with attending to customers' needs via the telephone and other remote digital tools.

Once you're in, you may find yourself in fields – such as healthcare, sales, financial services, hospitality, utilities, lifestyle, insurance, telecommunication, retail, technology, etc. – depending on your previous experience and the skills you've got.


Similar to Liveops, SKYES operate a customer contact management system, wherein you'll be tasked with handling customer service-related activities such as customer service representatives, team leads, and support positions.

But unlike Liveops, SKYES also offers some additional work-from-home situations different from customer engagement services – such as system engineering jobs, teacher quality evaluators, bilingual Spanish/English and French/English customer service reps, as well as area manager IT client services.


More like a sales company, Williams-Sonoma specializes in the sales of kitchen and cookware utensils. And as a remote worker, you'll be responsible for tasks including marketing, sales, affiliations, and other retail-intensive duties. In addition to the remote employment they offer you, you'll also be eligible for some exciting benefits, such as paid vacations, the ability to participate in the 401(k) plan, and health insurance.


TTEC is a Colorado-based business process outsourcing company. Established in 1982, TTEC has been providing work-from-home situations for a diverse group of people, including students, experts, consultants, and professionals.

Typically, as a TTEC work-from-home staff, you'll be tasked with helping customers by phone, live chat, or on social media. All you need to get started on TTEC are your PJ's, bunny slippers, and a strong internet connection.