BeatsX headphones
The Apple and Beats BeatsX wireless headphones. Beats by Dr. Dre

Wireless earphones got a bit more attention late last year and this year with the release of Apple AirPods and the Beats BeatsX headphones.

A list of affordable and high-end wireless headphones (priced from lowest to highest) can help provide consumers with a better understanding of their needs in relation to their price range.

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TaoTronics Wireless Sweatproof Sport Earphones, $23.99

TaoTronics offers wireless sweatproof earphones that have built-in magnets. The headphones come with CVC Noise Cancellation 6.0 technology and offers a five-hour battery life. Its aptX codec emits CD-like sound on compatible devices. The headphones also allow users to activate Siri and answer phone calls. The earphones are available on Amazon in black, green and white.

Skullcandy Bluetooth Wireless Jib Headphones, $29.99

Skullcandy offers affordable Jib wireless earbuds, which are currently $5 off on Amazon. The headphones have a six-hour battery life and alerts users when the battery is about to die. The Skullcandy earphones include an in-line microphone and a built-in remote for music and call control.

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Cambodra Sport Headphones, $34.99

The Cambodra wireless sport headphones are another affordable alternative. The earphones are waterproof and feature CVC 6.0 Noise Reduction Technology. The headphones have ear hooks and gel flex silicone earbuds to keep them in place during vigorous workouts. They can connect with devices up to 30 feet away and can pair up with two gadgets at the same time. The headphones feature nine hours of playback and 240 hours of standby.

Beats BeatsX, $149.95

Apple, which acquired Beats in 2014, announced the wireless BeatsX headphones alongside the AirPods. The bluetooth wireless earphones launched in February, months after the AirPods were released.

The BeatsX, which are available in black, white, gray and blue, are equipped with Apple’s W1 chip. The headphones offer up to eight hours of playback, while a five-minute charge gives users a two-hour battery life. The BeatsX sports a Flex-Form cable while its earbuds are magnetic, allowing them to attach to each other while hanging around the user’s neck. The headphone also allows users to answer calls, control music and use Siri.

Apple AirPods, $159.00

The AirPods were released last year before the holidays and were popular among consumers. The earphones are also equipped with a W1 chip, have a five-hour battery life on a single charge and support 24 hours of music playback when charged with the travel charging case. The AirPods automatically connects when sensings it’s in your ear, and will pause when you take them out of your ear. When tapping the earphones Siri will be activated, and you’ll be able to ask questions, control music and get navigational instructions.

Even H2 Wireless Headphones, $299.00

The Even H2 wireless earphones are on the expensive side, and are like “glasses for your ears,” the company says. With the H2 app, you can take a hearing test so the headphones can play music depending on how you hear, so “you never skip a beat or miss a note again.” You can try a demo of the headphone’s EarPrint technology (describes as a fingerprint for the ear) on Even’s site.

The headphones offer a 20-hour battery life and have a fancy design, including walnut paneling, heavy duty metal accents and animal-friendly Faux leather.

Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones, $299.99

The Beats Solo3 headphones come with a W1 chip and a 40-hour battery life. The earphones also come with Fast Fuel, which offers three hours of playback with a five-minute charge. With the Solo3, users can answer calls, control music and activate Siri via its on-ear controls. If you don’t like bulky headphones that take up space, you might enjoy these, since they have a foldable design. The Solo3 come in multiple colors, including rose gold, violet and gold.