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Apple introduces iOS 11 at WWDC 2017, San Jose, California, June 5, 2017. Apple

iOS 11 is set to release this fall alongside the iPhone 8 and could include augmented reality support, facial recognition and more.

Some of the features included in the update were announced by Apple at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. The update’s features, like improvements in Apple Pay and Maps, could help users in their everyday lives -- and make the iPhone more fun.

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Five Features We’re Excited For On iOS 11

Augmented Reality

Apple announced its ARKit toolset at WWDC, which allows developers to build AR apps for iPhones and iPads. The move suggests augmented reality capabilities could soon come to Apple devices. During Apple’s earning call this week, CEO Tim Cook was especially enthusiastic about AR. Cook said the ARKit has “captured the imagination” of the developer community, adding that “iOS will become the biggest AR platform as soon as iOS 11 shows.”

Apple is looking into prototypes of augmented reality glasses, the Financial Times said Friday. One group in the company is pushing for glasses that come with a 3D camera but with no screen, which means users would have to rely on the iPhone screen. The glasses could include cameras, sensors, and screens for an AR experience, according to FT.

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Do Not Disturb While Driving

Apple will roll out a Do Not Disturb While Driving Feature, a response to lawsuits against the company related to distracted driving. With the feature, the iPhone will automatically sense when the user is driving by using speed detection. Once that happens, a blank interface shows up on the screen and notifications are turned off. The mode also sends an auto-reply message to those sending you texts, notifying them that the person on the road. If someone is trying to contact the user because of an emergency, they’ll be able to have their message pass through the mode by typing in “urgent.”


iOS 11 will be able to help you navigate with Maps -- even at the mall. The update will let users see floor plans, browse floors, view directories and search at malls in select cities, including New York, Boston, Tokyo, Chicago and London. The feature will be launched in more locations afterwards.

Maps will also help users navigate through airports by showing them where security and food courts are. That will be rolled out in select cities worldwide at first, adding more airports in the future.

Under iOS 11, the app will also let drivers see speed limits and help out by providing lane guidance.

Apple Pay
On of the most exciting features on iOS 11 announced at WWDC was Apple Pay’s person-person payments. Users will be able to pay their friends and family for lunch or the cable bill with Apple Pay on iMessage using Touch ID.

If you’re on Apple Pay and your friend reminds you that you owe money for brunch, iMessage will automatically pull up Apple Pay as a suggestion. When someone sends you money, you’ll be able to add it to you Apple Cash Card, which can be used to send money to others with your iPhone or transfer the funds to your bank.

The feature will compete with rivals including Venmo and Zelle, and it could be helpful to people since iPhone users won’t have to download a separate app to send or receive money.

Besides payment-to-payment, your iPhone might be able to tell you how many calories are in the meal you purchased by using the device’s NFC (Near Field Communication) chip. Apple announced at WWDC it was opening the NFC chip to developers, which means that specific technology won’t only be used for Apple Pay.


Apple taunted many health features at WWDC, most of them linked to the Apple Watch. This fall, iOS 11 will allow users to sync their health data across their devices. The information will be shared via iCloud from your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. iOS 11 and the Apple Watch’s upcoming update, watchOS 4, will also sync music playlists from a person’s Apple Music to their Apple Watch.