A family in India had the scare of their life after they spotted an 8-foot-long snake slithering out of their toilet.

The huge black cobra was first seen by a man who went inside the bathroom to freshen up. The man, who has not been identified, was terrified and called out to the other family members, India.com reported. When everyone gathered outside the bathroom, they saw the snake sitting on the toilet seat.

The family immediately called the police, and notified them about the reptile. The police and rescue teams then responded to the house in Baseli village in the state of Rajasthan. The photos of the snake shared by the local media went viral.

The snake was caught by the team and was released in the forest safely. However, the family is living in fear after they heard another cobra had been rescued from a neighboring house. The snake rescuer who removed the reptile from the bathroom told the local media he also received a call about a cobra in the kitchen in the nearby house.

Ever since the incidents, the residents of the area are living in panic. Many fear that there may be more snakes in the residential area. They have urged the forest department to find a solution.

Cobra, one of the most venomous snakes, can literally "stand up" and look at the eye of a full-grown person. According to the National Geographic, cobras are shy and will avoid humans whenever possible. However, if threatened, they can bite humans and their venom can be fatal.

Last month, two children died after they were bitten by a deadly snake at their home in India. The siblings, identified as Abhisek, 11, and Bhumika, 3, were sleeping beside their mother. Abhisek woke his mother up and complained of severe pain in the leg. The mother noticed a fresh wound on his leg that looked similar to snakebite. The boy was rushed to a hospital where he died the next day. The boy’s younger sister, who was at home, also complained of pain and soon fell unconscious at home. Police arrived at the scene and pronounced her dead. Authorities later said the same viper had bitten both the children.

Cobra Pixabay