A 9-year-old boy was killed while attempting to save his mother from being raped by a man who broke into their home. The incident took place at their home in Langsa, a city in Indonesia, earlier this month.

The intruder, identified as 35-year-old Samsul, broke into the home on Oct. 10 and attempted to rape the sleeping 28-year-old woman. When the unidentified woman tried to resist, he threatened her with a machete and cut her hand. The woman's husband had gone fishing when the incident took place.

The boy, who was sleeping in the other room, heard his mother's screams and rushed to her aid. Samsul stabbed the boy several times with the machete. He then fled the home carrying the boy's body. The mother immediately alerted the police, who launched a manhunt for the accused.

A few hours later, the man was found hiding near a field. Officers shot him in the leg when he threatened them with the machete. They took him into custody.

"The officers were forced to shoot three rounds after he tried to fight them with a machete in his hand," a police officer told local newspaper Kompas.

The accused refused to disclose information regarding where he had hidden the boy's body. Following a search, the officers found the body near a river.

"The boy's body was full of cuts, starting from the hands, to his shoulders, neck, jaw, chest, fingers and more. It was so heartbreaking," the officer told the newspaper. The body was handed over to the family for the last rites after an autopsy.

Investigations revealed that the accused was recently released from jail over COVID-19 concerns. It was not known what crimes he committed. The man now faces an 18-year prison term for the recent crime.

Representational image of a handcuff. Pixabay