• Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya married in February 2020
  • The couple welcomed their first baby in September
  • They revealed their daughter’s name after six months

American underwater robotics supervisor Jovi Dufren came under fire after Sunday's "90 Day Fiancé" episode, in which he was harsh with his wife and Ukrainian entrepreneur Yara Zaya regarding breastfeeding in public.

Dufren had gone out to a restaurant with his wife and six months old daughter, Mylah, when Zaya asked him to hand her the blanket so that she can breastfeed the baby, which seemed shocking to him.

"I didn’t even know that was legal, you can breastfeed in a restaurant," he told the cameras during a confessional. "It’s kind of odd."

Netizens took to social media after the show to bash Dufren for not being educated about the law in the U.S. that allows mothers to feed their babies in public.

One of the users shared a fun GIF and captioned Dufren's lines, "Jovi: I think it’s odd that Yara is breastfeeding in this restaurant. I didn’t think that was legal."

Another user tweeted, "Jovi: “I realize our baby is baking in this sun, but it’s Date Night and we’re not even drunk yet!” #90DayFiance"

A regular fan of the show noted, "Breastfeeding is illegal? Jovi, what you don’t know could fill a warehouse."

One of the users took "The Office" reference and added a screenshot of the "How Dare You" scene:

Another user gave "Friends" sitcom reference and captioned, "Yara: *paying attention to her few day old infant daughter* Jovi: [GIF]"

Some more tweets grabbed the attention of many users:

One of the fans seemed surprised by the father of one and tweeted, "Did Jovi really just say he doesn’t know how he would feel if he was a customer at a restaurant and saw a woman breastfeeding???"

Another fan noted why Zaya doesn't trust her husband and wrote, "Jovi basically saying that it wasn’t a big deal that he fell asleep while holding a newborn baby and that babies get hurt sometimes! FOH! That’s why Yara doesn’t trust him."

Before the episode went on air, Dufren shared a post featuring him, his wife, and the little one on Friday. He captioned, "Just rollin around with our #cheap stroller @yarazaya."

On the other hand, Zaya on Sunday posted an adorable picture of her family on Instagram.

90 Day Fiancé is a TLC TV series that follows couples who have applied for or received a K-1 visa, available uniquely to foreign fiancés of U.S. citizens, and therefore have 90 days to marry each other.

Pictured: Representative image. fancycrave1- Pixabay