• Larissa Dos Santos Lima shared that some ask for refunds after receiving content
  • She also talked about how porn websites steal and sell premium OnlyFans content
  • She encouraged content creators to show their faces

Former "90 Day Fiancé" contestant Larissa Dos Santos Lima opened up about the "dark side" of OnlyFans on Wednesday. Having worked as a content creator for OnlyFans for five months, the reality star bravely discussed the downsides of the platform.

The 34-year-old Brazilian beauty posted a video on her YouTube channel talking about her experience with the London-based content subscription platform, which allows fans to pay their favorite content creators a subscription fee in exchange for premium content.

According to her, there are subscribers who ask for refunds after receiving premium content, some of whom go as far as pretending to be unaware of why their cards were charged with the subscription fees.

She also explained that content creators deserve to be paid because they invest not only time and effort but also a lot of money on makeup, costumes and other products that make them look great in their photos and videos.

"Don't watch a video that took hours to make, editing, you invested and now the person wants a refund? No, OK?" Lima said.

The former TLC star also how hard it is for content creators to come up with something fresh and interesting, noting that they need to surpass the free content's quality and be "very creative," In Touch Weekly reported.

"Because outside of the platform has a lot of free content and you need to be above the minory [sic] for people to really pay attention to you and feel motivated buy [sic] your content. You need to be creative," she said.

Lima then claimed that there are porn websites that steal and sell premium content from OnlyFans. Moreover, she said there are people who leak OnlyFans premium content on other social media platforms, particularly women.

"I came from a television where the major of the audience are womens and the womens are very cruel [sic]. They make fun of you, they leak your content. One of the things the woman told me, I'll never forget, she say, 'Now that we leak that, who gonna pay for your content?' [sic]" Lima added.

However, this reality is not widely discussed outside the platform, the reality star pointed out, and emphasized that content creators also need protection from people who want to take advantage of content creators.

She addressed one of the new content creators' biggest concerns as well: Whether they should show their face in their content or not. According to her, creators should show their faces and own who they are.

"People are going to leak your content and you need to trust in yourself and you need to explain to your family what are you doing because when come the time to leaking, people do whatever it takes to stop you to do your job [sic]," she added.

Lima also advised new OnlyFans content creators not to sell their content for less.

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