A three-year-old girl and her 92-year-old great grandmother, who was paralyzed after a stroke seven months ago, miraculously recovered from coronavirus.

The remarkable and heart-filling news comes from a hospital in the western Indian city of Pune which is one of the designated red zones in the country with at least 760 cases.

“The old woman did not have any symptoms although she recently had a stroke and her body was paralyzed. However, during her stay at the hospital, all her health parameters were all right which actually helped our staff to treat her,” Dr. Vijay Natarajan, chief executive officer of Symbiosis Hospital, told local media.

The three-year-old girl, identified as Maisarah Shaikh, and her 92-year-old great grandmother, Fatima Shaikh, who is wheelchair-bound, were discharged from the hospital Tuesday after their second COVID-19 test results also came out negative.

According to the hospital authorities, both the patients have completed the mandatory 14-day quarantine period.

“The 92-year-old woman and her three-and-a-half-year-old great-granddaughter were discharged from the hospital on Tuesday after their repeat tests came negative," Dr. Natranjan said.

The duo was among six family members who tested positive for the virus earlier this month.

“It was a twin tragedy. There was death among the family because of the viral infection, and six of us also tested COVID-19 positive. However, the hospital authorities took good care of us,” said Maisarah’s 55-year-old grandfather, Aslam Shaikh, who was discharged from quarantine on Monday.

“All of us including my old mother were all fine, only my son had a mild cough. Since my mother is paralytic, we were more worried about her. However, the doctors gave her extra attention and she recovered,” he said.

The doctor also said the news will send a message of relief to the society, especially for those above 60 years of age. If a 92-year-old paralyzed woman who survived a stroke can defeat the virus, anybody can and there is no need to panic, he said.

Dr. Nataranjan also added that the common assumption that if a person above 60 years of age is infected by the coronavirus he or she would not survive should be officially debunked.

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