Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter recently revealed that his ex-girlfriend, Madison Parker, left him after he came out as bisexual. Pictured: Carter attends 102.7 KIIS FM's 2017 Wango Tango at StubHub Center on May 13, 2017 in Carson, California. Getty Images/Frazer Harrison

Aaron Carter recently explained why he decided to come out as bisexual following his arrest.

On Monday, the 29-year-old singer sat down for an interview with Elvis Duran on The Z100 “Morning Show” and said that he no longer wanted to continue living a lie. “I came out about my history and said I’m attracted to men and women equally. I just can’t live a lie anymore. It’s hypocrisy, even the ones that claim they love you will let you down,” he said.

Carter, who had been in a relationship with his then-girlfriend Madison Parker at the time, admitted on Twitter that being single isn’t fun. After all, Parker allegedly decided to break up with Carter after Nick Carter’s younger brother revealed the truth about his sexuality. “When I revealed my truth to her, she left me. She didn’t accept what I was going to say, and she left me. No I’m just trying to do what I have to do,” he said. Parker has since denied his claims.

Following his interview, Carter performed his latest single, “Sooner or Later” – a song he wrote about Parker – with tears in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Carter made headlines last month after he was arrested on DUI and marijuana charges in Georgia. Parker, who was with him in the car at the time, was arrested on drug charges and obstruction of law enforcement, according to People.

Following his arrest, Carter spoke with Entertainment Tonight about the incident and said that even though there was marijuana in his car, he wasn’t under the influence of alcohol due to his medical condition. “I don’t drink alcohol at all. I’ll occasionally have a sip of beer or something like that, but I can’t even drink IPAs. I can’t drink anything like that. I have to drink the lightest beer possible that’s not hoppy. I don’t drink any hard liquor,” he said.

Carter also explained that he smoked marijuana nine hours before he was arrested by the police. However, he smokes it for his anxiety, chronic pain and to help increase his appetite. “No. Nothing. Zero. I am willing to do a polygraph test. I take Xanax, Propanolol for high blood pressure medication, and I took oxycodones for my mouth,” he said.