abby lee miller
Abby Lee Miller is being accused of bullying her "Dance Moms" cast members into keeping quiet about her legal woes. Above, Abby appears at the 2013 NewNowNext Awards presentation at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles April 13, 2013. Getty

Abby Lee Miller’s legal issues are a hot topic among “Dance Moms” fans, and it appears the cast and crew of her hit Lifetime series are also buzzing about it. But according to reports, the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) coach is none too thrilled about the gossip.

Abby, 49, has put her foot down with “Dance Moms” cast members when it comes to discussing her legal issues, becoming a “fully-on bully” while filming Season 6, In Touch Weekly reported in its Nov. 30 print edition. She was indicted on multiple charges centered on bankruptcy fraud in October and would face as many as five years behind bars were she to be convicted of them.

“Abby is threatening to kick off the show anyone who speaks negatively about her in the press,” a source told In Touch. According to a “show insider,” the production crew “encouraged” cast members to speak about Abby’s legal woes, at least until she put the kibosh on the practice.

“She’s trying to dictate everything that cast members say or do right now,” the source said. “Everyone is extremely afraid of her -- especially the moms.” According to the insider, the moms fear that crossing the infamous dance teacher could mean the end of their daughters’ run on the popular Lifetime show, with a source saying, “Crossing Abby could mean the end of their children’s dreams.”

Abby last appeared in court to address the charges Nov. 2, when she pleaded not guilty. Her trial date has not been announced, Deadline reported.

While Abby has not responded to accounts of the rumored drama, a fan video of a recent “Dance Moms” Season 6 taping indicated Abby’s on-set behavior is not pleasing the dance moms. The clip posted to the “Dance Moms” spoiler site shows Abby being confronted by several dance moms outside the Devotion 2 Dance competition in Agoura Hills, California, Nov. 14. In it, the moms question Abby about the return of a dancer, Brynn Rumfallo, and whether their daughters will learn new dances in the week ahead, but Abby does not give them clear responses. When Melissa Gisoni reveals her daughter, Abby’s star student Maddie Ziegler, has intelligence about her plans, the moms collectively sigh.

“Dance Moms” will return to Lifetime in 2016.