Season 2 of ABC's “Agent Carter” is set to premiere by early 2016. The lead cast member Hayley Atwell teased some information during the recent Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con on what fans can expect in the upcoming season. She also confirmed the return of some of her fellow cast members.

The first season showed how Peggy Carter, played by Atwell, took on her first major enemy in New York City. According to a report by Blastr, the actress explained that the TV series was now moving to Los Angeles for the next season. Season 2 starts about a year after the first, the actress revealed. Viewers will apparently find Peggy in a “stronger place” and she won’t be “grieving” about having lost Captain America. The character is said to appear “more light” with “warmth and humor” and the fans will discover who she is as a person.

In terms of the tone of the TV series, the actress said that it will be about the “glamorous L.A. life with a dark underbelly.” Atwell did not reveal any plot details about the next season as the producers still haven’t completely finished the story arc of “Agent Carter” Season 2.

Atwell did confirm that cast members Dominic Cooper and James D’Arcy will return as Howard Stark and Edwin Jarvis, respectively. She was, however, not sure about the extent of Cooper’s involvement in the next season as he has been cast in “Preacher” and will be busy filming the movie.

According to a report by Forbes, the TV series had “low ratings” despite having a big budget. The report points out that the show may not have strong enough cliffhangers to keep the fans interested in wanting to find out what happens next.

Atwell has pointed out that the TV series is a “dialogue between audience and the industry” and hoped that the show starts a “quiet revolution for more female-led shows.” After the events of the first season, “Agent Carter” Season 2 may see Peggy Carter taking on a more prominent role in the Strategic Scientific Reserve, the secret government agency for which she works.